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Team NFL International

No description

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Team NFL International

Popularity of Soccer and Rugby
Loyalty of fans to traditional English sports
Media coverage
Extra costs from International flights
High tax rate for high-income earners in the UK
Asking players to uproot their lives to live overseas may cause problems
More miles to travel......? Maybe not
Create More NFL Football programs Globally
Team NFL International

Objective: Building A London Franchise
UK Nationalist Spirit
SWOT Analysis
What does the NFL want?
-Create new revenue streams
-Enter new markets
-Globalize the product
Explain new strategies
-TV deals
Summarize your recommendation
-Take advantage of the opportunity
-Consider advertising on Jerseys

Since 2007, the NFL International series has only hosted 8 games in the UK .
Bring National Football League Foundation to the UK
Help bring a better understanding of American Football to different countries.
Size Issues
Existing soccer stadiums in UK are too small
Rugby stadiums are too big
NFL International Series currently played in Wembley Stadium
Talks to use London Olympic Stadium
Logistical Issues
Home Team Bye Week
Teams traveling to London would be given a "bye week" for the following week
Gives US teams time to rest/get over any jetlag before their next game
Why UK Nationalism can Hurt
UK fans are die-hard fans of whatever team they grew up watching
It might be difficult to attract these types of fans
An NFL team in London could be looked at the wrong way by UK natives
Why Nationalism will Help
UK fans are just as interested in news/rules of the NFL as Americans
Boost US/UK relations through sport
Bring different regions of London together with a single team to root for

First-Mover Advantage in London
Past games in London with great results
General desire for a London-based NFL team
Building a solid fan base in UK could lead to teams as far as France and Germany
Monetary gains
Strengthen US/UK relations
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Other Existing Stadiums
Potential Problems and Solutions
Improving Demand in the UK & Generating Vaule Globally
Other Internationalized Sports
More London
Reach Out to the London Community
Less Travel than Expected
Four flights to East Coast for a London team: approximately 28,000 miles
Four road trips for San Francisco 49ers in 2013: approximately 34,000 miles
Travel in three game road trips to the US
Use US-based facilities to train during road trips
-Competition with other sports
-Different country, different rules to follow
-Exchange rates
-Completely separate labor laws in UK
After carefully analyzing each aspect of a prospective expansion of the NFL overseas, we recommend that the Jacksonville Jaguars be permanently moved to London by the year 2020
Final Recommendation
While the idea of an NFL team in another country may sound like a stretch to some people, we are closer than they realize. With an already successful International Series being played annually in London, it is only a matter of time before those "annual" games become weekly ones. And as the people of London's passion and intensity for American Football grows to the level of their counterparts across the pond, we are taking one step closer to the future of the NFL
Past and Present International Series Games
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