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I want to be with Winna

No description

Mevin Gomez

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of I want to be with Winna

Hi Winna I made
this for you So...as you know hon during my vacation...
I was really so happy Evidence See those smiles hon? I only smile like that when I'm with you I will show you a chart hon The chart is based on data from a very reliable source, myself. And as you can see hon I'm really so freaking happy when you're around. I miss you so much baby I'm really different when I'm with you hon. I'm so much better. I want to be with you Winna. I know hon that right now we are going through a lot
and I'm sure in the future we will have some tough times. But I know we can face all of those because we have
each other's support. I really feel that you're my life
partner Winna. Tayo na lang please. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I really need you in my life honey. You're the one
who always gives me strength, hope and courage.
You mean the world to me baby, I want to give
everything to you honey. Winna I want to live for you and I will
always do everything that I can to make
you happy I really can't wait to be with you
forever hon. No matter what challenges
we'll face, I know we'll be able to say this
always because we have each other... Honey thank you so much for your love. This relationship
is really the greatest thing that's happened to my life. The best talaga to hon. I'm happy to have you as my companion in this journey we call life. I know that we'll
be successful in the future and we will do a LOT of things together. Can't wait baby, this is it. The next step of our lives will start soon and I'm not afraid anymore because I know I have you. This presentation may seem really simple and plain. In a way it mirrors my personality. Unlike other guys who are really romantic, artsy, creative and whatnot, I come as a little "payak". I know that you accept me and love me for who I am and I really thank you for that. But you know hon, when you look at the bigger picture, at the grand scale of things, there is only one thing that matters, which is that........
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