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No description

Magdalena Mendez

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Poo~Pourri

Magdalena Mendez
Brittany Fensler
Nathan Jaquish
Brianna Housholder
If you have smelly poo, then we have the product for you!
Poo-Pourri: Sales are up
Febreeze: Sales are down
97.6% of our subjects all recommend to buy this product. It really works.
Ever go to a friends house realizing you have to drop one, but your to embarrassed to go?
Every get the bathroom alone at school, but in the middle of your business someone walks in?
Thank you...
Poo-Pourii vs. Febreez
"Really works!" - Sarah
"Best Invention ever." Karson
"Ever Since I bought this for my husband we have been closer together." - Smith
"Burns My nose. I hate this stuff." - John
"Febreez only works for maybe 5 minutes." - Sally
"I would not recommend this product. It doesn't work at all." - Mark
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