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The Traditional Clothing of Algeria

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James Mraulak

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Traditional Clothing of Algeria

Algerian clothing has a large amount of cultural influence from Morocco
The men will wear traditional clothing such as a hat called a fez along with a cloak or gown called a gandoura
The End
The Traditional Clothing of Algeria
Women's Fashion
Since the dominant religion in Algeria is Islam, women by Muslim law must wear Haiks, full body cloaks covering the entire body except for the eyes.
Here are some examples of Haiks and styles in Algeria
here are some examples of everyday men's clothing
In Algeria, the men and women wear traditional clothing as normal fashion
Algerian fez
Moroccan styled Algerian Gandoura
Weddings in Algeria are a very serious event, but the dresses are usually casual but it's up to the family. They can be like this (left) or non-traditional (Right), similar to in the United States
Traditional Algerian wedding dress
Non-traditional Algerian wedding dress
By: James Mraulak
Work cited:
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