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make a change

one person can do little a group can do more a community can do lots the world can make a huge diffrencxe

candace raimondi

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of make a change

I can... I can recycle papper my family can... we can plant a garden
i can recycle bottles i can recycle plastics concerve water we can switch to an ego frieddly car recycle paper recycle bottles recycle plastic my school can... make field trips
to pick up litter put up solar pannels if I recycle paper.
therer would be more
trees in the world if I recycle plastic.
nthan tere would
be less plastic in
the ocean if I recycle bottles.
we would't have
to keep making
bottles If my faimly planted
a gaurden. we would
make the ground
healther if the school made field tips to pick up trash.than
the ground would be more cleaner if we concerve water.
than we would have less druts if the school puts
up solar panels.than
it would concerve
energy,less polution if we switch to an
ego friendly car.
than we don't
have to use fossil
fuel make a change before theres no
more time left recycle
paper when the kids
are done with
thier test.they
could reccle
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