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TGFU: A Concept Based Approach to P.E.

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Joshua Mullen

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of TGFU: A Concept Based Approach to P.E.

TGFU: A Concept Based
Approach to P.E.

" A monotonously uniform exercise may by practice give great skill in one special act; but this skill is limited to that act."
Games Categories
Net / Wall
Territorial Invasion
Striking and Fielding
Archery, Bowling, Golf
Shooting, hitting, driving
Baseball, Cricket, Moss Ball
Hitting to open space, covering space, catching and throwing.
Badminton, Pickleball, Tennis.
Covering open space, hitting to open space, anticipation.
Cutting to open space, passing to open space, defending (man vs. zone).
Basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse
Skill Execution
Making Appropriate
Game Performance
Tactical Awareness
Game Appreciation
The Six Steps of the TGFU Model (Bunker and Thorpe)
Modified Game with conditions for tactical problem
Discussion on tactical problem and solutions
Skill practice that will help students solve the tactical problem. (Ideally a game)
Game to apply skills and
address tactical problem
Example: Wickets
Q.What's the objective of this game?
A. To have the ball bounce three times.
Q. How do you do that?
A. By putting the ball into open space.
A. By being unpredictable.
A. By putting the object side to side.
Q. What types of skills do we need in the game of badminton to do this?
A. Clears, drop shots, smashes.
Ex. End Line and short court.
Ex. Long Court
Tactical Problem: Putting the ball into open space, covering open space
Territorial Invasion
End Ball
End Ball
The Bubonic
Enemy at the
Striking and
Moss Ball
Race around the
Net Wall Games
Volley Tennis
Short Court W/
Monarchs Court
Monarchs Court
Take 2
Understanding of game form.
Target specific concepts
"Learners develop an appreciation for how rules, skills and strategies all influence each other." (Bunker and Thorpe)
An awareness gained on certain tactics that can be applied to gain a strategic advantage.
Knowing when to use certain tactics in a game.
Students understand the importance of executing specific skills in certain situations to apply tactics.
Application of 5 steps in game.
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