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LGBT Inclusion for Business

In 2015 why is there still a business imperative for LGBT inclusion and what more can we all do to foster a safe, open and inclusive workplace where everyone can bring their whole self to work and perform to the best of their abilities

Darren Beaumont

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of LGBT Inclusion for Business

We know what LGBT stands for
role models
LGBT inclusion
for businesses

In 2016, why are we still having the conversation about LGBT equality and inclusion?
We are good at diversity and inclusion
Lets look at examples of how we show this...
...and we talk about it openly
That's so queer
We can identify homophobic language
...and know to call it out as unacceptable
Most of us know someone who identifies as LGBT
It's a
"non issue"
LGBT people are just like any other people
- why call them out?
Why do we need LGBT networks and allies if LGBT people just want to be treated the same?
Why is sexual orientation or gender identity relevant outside your personal life
I don't care if you're attracted to a man or a woman
and many of us already think of ourselves as allies - for all diverse groups of people, not just LGBT
LGBT people have...
Can share their pride publicly
...and in many countries can now legally get married
So job done?
How can this impact my business, my clients and my underlying results?
Did you know...
LGBT employees in the closet are

more likely to leave the company within the first 3 years
of Generation Y graduates who are out of the closet at university go back in the closet when they start their first job
Human Rights Commission Survey 2012
The Financial Times, 2014
countries still persecute LGBT individuals with the death penalty
... so an inclusive workplace where LGBT can be open about their sexuality is a necessity in order to retain a diverse workforce
2.79 Billion
people live in countries where being gay is a crime
...including Saudi Arabia
Have you considered how this impacts your company or employees?

What if your LGBT staff are asked to work in or relocate to these locations?
Inclusive practices, policies, benefits and company reputation can help organisations attract and retain a diverse talent pool
So what can each of us do?
Champion workplace changes to ensure inclusion
Review supplier and vendor agreements for inclusion policies. Hold vendors accountable for these values
Learn more
Join an LGBT network mailing list

Sign up to an Ally Programme
Be visible
Start conversations
Put words into practice
Make it natural
Be yourself

Ask yourself how you would like to be treated at work
Display an ally identifier (e.g. card, mug, etc)

Make clear public statements about the importance of LGBT equalty to you
Attend events

Bring your colleagues along
Make time to speak to your LGBT colleagues, friends and family about their experiences

Talk openly about why you are an ally
People development
Support people development of LGBT colleagues - including attending LGBT events

Advocate and promote employee network participation
Run / sponsor an LGBT event
Highlight LGBT role models
LGBT focused unconscious bias
Provide safe and open forums to discuss and debate if/why LGBT inclusion is important

Lead by example and drive and promote diversity and inclusion events
Share stories and showcase diverse and inclusive role models

Ensure diversity at the board level is not just defined by gender
​Provide learning opportunities on LGBT specific unconscious bias - especially around bisexuality, transgender and people of colour
Partner with vendor and supplier organizations to promote diversity and inclusiveness
- live your values
Show your values
Share your values
Live your values
There still exists unconscious bias - even within the LGBT community
There are few visible LGBT role models within business
Anything else?
LGBT colleagues who are covering their sexuality at work are less productive
Many LGBT colleagues don't come out at work as they fear negative impact on their career
...double glass ceiling effect
..."being known for the
'wrong' reasons"
... "people will talk about me"
this can lead to issues around trust and teamwork
How many out LGBT leaders can you name?
...including India, Singapore, Malaysia and Bahrain
countries can legally imprison people up to life - just for being LGBT
The Power of the Pink Dollar to effect change
P Thompson, 2015
There number of LGBT individuals in:
- Singapore: 350,000
- India: 80 Million
...including Florida, North Carolina and Texas
US states (31 for Trans) lack protections for LGBT workers
© Darren Beaumont, 2015
Feedback to ...
1.5 Million
people across Europe are transgender
Amnesty International estimate
of US transgender people have graduate degrees (vs 9% US average)
unemployment rate amongst US transgender workers
(vs 7% US average)
National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 2011
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