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Your Student's Digital Footprint: A Guide for Teachers


Marlena Hebern

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Your Student's Digital Footprint: A Guide for Teachers

Bullying and
Students Post?
Activity 1:
In your table group discuss how
teachers and can....

guide students into making good choices online.
help students build a positive digital footprint.
learn to navigate social media.
think before posting or interacting online.
Teachers (and Parents)
Need to Know?
What you say online
about others ALSO becomes
part of YOUR footprint,
and follows you...

3. Tell your parents if someone says something to you online that makes you feel uncomfortable.

4. When in doubt, ask an adult.

Activity 2:
So, who are you?
Search your name.
Use quotes to narrow your search. If you don't have a footprint, google family members.

What does your search say about you or your family members?

Did you find anything surprising?
In the U.S., 95% of
schools are now connected
to the Internet
Over 45 million children
ages 10 through 17
use the Internet.
An estimated 20% of parents
do not supervise their children's
Internet use at all
Only 52% of parents
supervise their children's
Internet use
Should you be afraid?


Know the facts.
Knowledge is power!

Be respectful of other people’s content that you post or share.

If you didn't make it, it isn't yours to share. If other people are in it, they may not want it shared either.

Think about what is socially
acceptable behavior online.
1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2. Ignore rude comments.
Now go be AWESOME!
Do you
to be
Your Student's
Digital Footprint:
A Guide for Teachers

Marlena Hebern

Your digital footprint
is a record of everything
you do online.
And there are
some things
you just DON'T want
to step in.
How do these facts
influence what schools
should be teaching
kids about digital footprints?
Think First!
Each school site has a system in place for reporting Cyber Byllying.

Ask your administrator.

Can bullying
harm your digital
footprint? How?
DO use a nickname.
DON'T share passwords or usernames.



Know Social Media.
Knowledge is Power!
What students NEED to KNOW
Think first before you post anything.
Once posted, it is hard to remove.

Don't post it if...
you don't want everyone to see it.
you wouldn't say it in person.
News Flash (Shocker, I know)
Your life online ISN'T PRIVATE.
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