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The Diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust

A 17 slide presentation showing historical events, in Anne Frank's life and the Holocaust, between 1937 and 1945.

Kiara Jeffrey

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Diary of Anne Frank and the Holocaust

The Rough time in the Frank Family By: February 1, 2013 and the Brutal Holocaust Kiara Jeffrey January 30, 1937 Hitler Announces Withdrawal "Adolf Hitler announces that he is calling for the withdrawal of German signature from the
Versailles Treaty." (Neveragain.org) Germany then begins to prepare
for Adolf's military goals in an apparent fashion. Hitler's Plan Racial Hygiene Cultural Revolution The government is to select the most physical, smart, moral, and racially pure people to raise the next generation.
(Racially pure people had blonde hair and blue eyes) His goal was to remove all of the Jewish people from Germany; he then granted Catholicism the official religion of Germany.

Those who weren't Jews, but considered an undesirable, were also targeted.
(Undesirables were the homosexuals, political prisoners, disabled, and mentally ill) September, 1941 Anne is forced to attend an all-Jewish school On May, 15, 1940, the Netherlands surrender to the Nazis attack. (Teacher.scholastic.com) The Nazis enforced anti-Jewish laws, which caused: the Jews to move to an all-Jewish neighborhood where they were aloud to go into the public and be normal. Anne Frank and her family to leave; in her new neighborhood, she attended the Jewish Lyceum in September, 1941. 1941 The Jewish became "Jude" The Jewish were required to: wear a yellow badge with the word "Jude" in the center of it. live in the ghetto (an all-Jewish neighborhood) The Jewish were accused of Jesus' murder; Catholicism was granted the official religion of Germany June 12, 1942 For Anne's 13th Birthday she received a diary. October 18, 1939 Silent Night 12,000 Jews were ordered to leave. One night to leave July 5, 1942 She was requested to be sent to a work camp Margot, Anne Frank's sister, gets called back to Germany by the Nazis. *Her family didn't take her back to Germany.
This forced the family into hiding* November 9, 1938 The Night of Broken Glass Anti-Jewish riots Social/ political/ economic beatings Incarceration Murder Property vandalism 1,000 synagogues were vandalized July 6, 1942 The Frank's go into hiding Margot was ordered to go back to Germany to be put in a labor camp, but the Frank family decided that wasn't an option. Otto, the father of Anne and Margot, decided the family should go into hiding They hid above Otto's business. Their hiding place was called the Secret Annex The entrance was hidden by a bookcase Miep helped them by bringing supplies and informing them of news The Van Pels and Mr.Pfeffer joined them The eight of them hid for over 700 days In it, she . . . Wrote about her feelings, beliefs, and ambition and relationships with other people. Wrote about things happening in the outside world Depicted events happening in the Annex Anne receives her first Diary Margot gets Called-up They had: One suitcase to carry their belongings Other belongings were taken away May 1940 Auschwitz Opens People were gassed, cremated, put in starvation cells, and put in standing cells Was the largest and most recognized extermination camp Included 3 main camps and 40 smaller ones August 4, 1944 The Annex was discovered An anonymous tip was given about someone living above Otto's business They were then sent to Auschwitz; the boys separated from the girls Girls were used for hard labor; they were held in freezing quarters overnight The Van Pels, the Frank's and Mr.Pfeffer were interrogated and held overnight Later, they transferred to a prison and were sentenced to hard labor 1945 The Start of Nuremberg Trials Series of trials to persecute notable leaders of the Nazi Party Trialed for: war crimes Crimes against humanity Crimes against peace March 1945 Anne Dies skin became badly infected Shortly before she died... Her ID number was tattooed to her with a dirty needle She transferred to another camp with Margot Died of typhus; her sister died earlier from illness April 30, 1945 Hitler Dies Committed suicide: poisoned himself and shot himself in the head Believed to have suffered form a nervous breakdown. He was paranoid about being found and punished January 27, 1945 Auschwitz was liberated 7,000 prisoners, including Otto, were set free His wife died before the camp was liberated due to starvation He was the only one to make it, out of his family (wife and kids) Otto Frank is liberated
(Teacher.scholastic.com) After 1942 Main Purpose was to kill Jewish people ALL ages were killed People were killed in/due to : Starvation Torture Concentration Camps
go through major changes Gas Chambers Mass Shootings Events on this day. . .
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