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Projectiles, Technology, Civilization, Society & Culture

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Shadow Zie

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Projectiles, Technology, Civilization, Society & Culture

Projectiles, Technology, Civilization, Society & Culture Technologies
Most Launching devices were invented in the Greek times, and they were mainly used in the Medieval times, to seige and destroy an ememy's castle.
A catapult (300BCE in Greece): fling light loads at the defenders
A trebuchet (300-400BCE in China): fling heavy loads, better accuracy and range
The slingshot (Ancient times): hunt and children toys Catapult strong, movable arm, with a spoon/sling container at the end
used torsion
load capacity: up to 50-60 lbs
distance range: < 100 yards
destruction of towers and battlements
hurling of diseased bodies to infect the castle's defenders
often brought firing squad with distance of the archers
kick of firing made it inaccurate
materials of elasticity were expensive Trebuchet Uses counter weight
Weight is put on one side and the other side flings upwards.
used counterweight to hurl a projectile
load capacity: up to 300lbs
distance range: < 300 yards
Usage (in addition to Catapult):
destruction of defenders weapons
counterweights needed to be of tremendous tonnage, making the transportation of it difficult
Sling Invented in ancient times
used by people all over the world
usually an elastic material that
A slingshot uses tension
No spoon or anything that flings it
The ball is snapped forward by the elastic itself
You pull the elastic band towards you with the ball infront of the elastic band, and you let go and the elastic band snapps back, sending the ball forward. Evolution Over time, the tecnology of the past will undoubtly be changed. They will be improved to be fore efficient, have more capabilities, or the strengthen their original capabilites.
these weapons are not used usually today
sometimes used for educational uses, for people to study ancient warfare, and applied skills classes. =D E Catapult The ballista was a branch that developed out of the catapult
Different kinds of the catapult included, the mangonel, the onager, and scorpion
The trebuchet was developed out of the catapult
It is not used today Trebuchet Developed out of the catapult
Some of the pre-cursors of the trebuchet were similiar the the catapult
The earliest ancestor of the trebuchet was the staff sling
The trebuchet isn't used today in warfare
It lasted longer than the other medieval weapons, all the way to the invention of the gun powder. Sling The slingshot was a simple weapon
We assumed it didn't have much evolution because it is still used today
Children have slingshot toys. Impact on the World January, 1916, a grenade catapult was used in World War I
The catapult was a great invention it is proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare
Many other kinds of weapons developed from the catapult that were also very effective in warfare THIS IS THE END!!!!! Remember... Don't feed the Pigeon!

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