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Topeka General Prezi

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Kylie Campbell

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Topeka General Prezi

Baker University 36 Credit Hour Degree Master of Arts
in Education 37 Credit Hour Degree Master of Science
in School Leadership K - 6 : need 33 credit hours

5 - 8: need 33 credit hours

6 -12: need 33 credit hours

K - 6 and 6 -12: need 36 credit hours Master of Science
in Special Education Tuition = *$345/hr ($1,035 class)
* $315/hr before deadline ($945)
* $315/hr locked in for cohorts ($945)

Registration Fee= $60 (one time)

Technology Fee = $30/class

TaskStream = $69/2-year subscription

Books Dollars & Sense Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)
Master of Science in School Leadership (MSSL)
School Leadership (Licensure Only)
Master of Science in Special Education (MSSE)
Cohort - Overland Park
Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
Cohort - Overland Park Programs Offered & available formats 16-20 students form a cohort

Take 1 class at a time as group

Course delivery:
Hybrid cohort model: 7 week on-ground/online
* On-ground courses: 1 night/week
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
* Online courses: 7 weeks (Monday-Sunday)

Schedule of all courses is developed at start of the program

Complete the program in approximately 2 years Cohort Format 18 Hours Education Core (Enhancing Communication and Embracing Understanding, Learning Theories, Assessment, Curriculum, Today’s Learner, Research) 9 Hours Education Courses 9 Hours Liberal Arts Courses (Art, Literature, Social Science, History, etc.) & Development of Portfolio (Task Stream) Application & $20 application fee

Copy of teaching license

Official transcript

1 year of teaching experience Admission Requirements 21 Hours Leadership Core 12 Hours Education Core 4 Hours Directed Field Experience & Development of Portfolio (Task Stream) Application & $20 application fee

Official transcripts from all undergrad institutions

Copy of teaching license

2 letters of recommendation

At least 1 year of teaching experience

Minimum undergrad GPA of 2.75 Admission Requirements (Kansas Teachers Only) School Leadership Licensure 7 core School Leadership courses

Participate in a Directed Field Experience

Additional coursework
(dependent upon transcript evaluation)

Minimum of 3 years teaching experience Introduction and Characteristics of Students with Adaptive Learning Needs
Adaptive Instructional Methods & Strategies Grades XXX
Adaptive Instructional Strategies and Methods Field Practicum (45 hours)
Educating Students with Social and Behavioral Needs
Methods of Reading/Language Arts OR Methods of Transitioning to Adulthood
Assessment of Students with Adaptive Learning Needs
Communication/Collaboration within the School Setting
Creating Optimal Learning Environments for Students with Adaptive Learning Needs
Inquiry, Data Collection, and Research (this is where you complete the portfolio)
Advance Practicum – (90 hours)
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Curriculum Application & $20 application fee

Two letters of professional recommendation

Copy of teaching license

Official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended including regionally accredited bachelor’s institution

Cumulative undergraduate gpa of 2.75 or higher

Verification of one course in The Exceptional Child Admission Requirements TOTAL: Tuition & Fees =
$975 - $1,065/class MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Check, or Cash

Financial Aid

Employee Reimbursement or Staff Development Funds sometimes available Payment Options "I'm at the end of my teaching career and think I learned as much as members of the group who were first year teachers. It doesn't matter if you are at the beginning or end of the teaching experience, the Baker program fits everyone."

“My project is beneficial to my classroom and will enhance my teaching.” What students are saying... “I developed a better understanding of how useful research can be to a classroom teacher and an administrator in decision-making.”

“It made me think of new ways to look at very complex issues.” ACCELERATED
Class times and schedules

Tuition and fees


Class locations Why Baker? Cohort Benefits Locked in tuition rate
Set calendar with scheduled breaks
Networking opportunities
Pre-enrolled in all of your classes
Higher graduation rate
Support of classmates through entire program
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