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Gravity The Super Agent of Erosion

For anyone who needs this for a school project please take notes.

Matthew Cuschieri

on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of Gravity The Super Agent of Erosion

The Super Agent ... Gravity Gravity not only holds us humans down on Earth but it brings down large mass and even small masses of land. Like for example a slump brings
down a lot of land straight down. Here's a pic'. A very good example of a slump But there is some times when gravity doesn't move
material but is at the steepest angle at which the angle won't go down hill. It is the angle of repose. Some characteristics that
affect the angle of repose are. Size
Moisture Level Now when angle of repose
does not work mass movement
happens. Mass movement has a very simple definition it is the movement of any solid material. But then there is rapid mass
movement which is faster and more
sudden then regular mass movement. So far I think that you now know how much more
about what gravity than you did before... right? Like when there is a slight change loose rocks start falling and that is called a rock fall. Or gravity can make a landslide which is the sudden and rapid movement of a large amount of material downslope. A landslide can be affected by... Deforestation
Construction on unstable ground
Or an earthquake Then there is a the landslides cousin
a mudflow. A mudlow is a rapid movement of mud. A mudflow forms the same way mud is created by... soil and water mixing. Than there are lahars... Lahars are volcanic eruptions or heavy
rains on volcanic ash. Remember rapid mass movement... Well there is a slow version... It is SLOW mass movement. Slow mass movement is equally as simple as rapid mass movement just slow mass movement moves materials slowly. Slow mass movement might be slow but
it does some really interesting things like... Yep SLOW mass movement did that. Those trees might look straight
but thats because the picture is
tilted. Then there is a creep, which is the EXTREMELY
slow movement of material downslope. NOW TELL YOUR TEACHER WHAT YOU
OUT WHAT YOU LEARNED!!! Now lets see what gravity can do again...
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