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The novel "Island of the Blue Dolphins" Written By Scott Odell

From the novel "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'dell

ralene rosa

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of The novel "Island of the Blue Dolphins" Written By Scott Odell

Island of the Blue Dolphins
By Scott O'Dell survival character strength endurance Karana lived alone on
island for
18 years Made weapons survived wild dogs Young girl
abandoned brother killed
by wild dogs created ways to
escape island in case
of intrusion Rontu abandoned by Aleuts stood up to wild dogs to save Karana made life for
Karana easier Chief Chowig father of Karana stood up to Aleuts wanted what is fair
for tribe from Aleuts killed by Captian Orlov Ramo brother of Karana killed by wild dogs wanted to become cheif Tutok Aleut girl became friends
with Karana kept Karana
a secret from Aleuts Kimki went out to
find new place for
tribe to live gave tribe
new hope Animals on
the Island gave Karana
friendship kept Karana
"going on" Dolphins sign of hope gave Karana
to go on Mission rescued the tribe rescued Karana
18 years later
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