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Research Paper

The increases and declines of single-sex schooling.

Nicole Bridges

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Research Paper

Even though
schools may give
children a more
direct learning
approach, it increases
violence and is not
academically beneficial. Not academically
beneficial, just
a opportunity. Dr. Sax stated
"many children opt. into the program and it does not cause academic benefits.'' Also, he says it is "unconstitutional'' because there separating children based on sex and its not for the greater benefit. For boys it has been
proven that they get behind
in literature, get lower
grades, and have less motivation. For girls it has been
proven that in there
curriculum they were less
likely to advance in any
math or science courses. In mixed schools children are more able to fit in because of many different types of social groups. Among girls there was
more physical aggression than
relational aggression. (Defiantly
more aggression in all-girl
school than a mixed school.) Among boys there
was more relational
aggression than
physical aggression. (More in all
boys school than mixed school.) Can teach girls the
problems that come along with teen pregnancy easier. Allows boys
to do more hands-on
activities, while girls can
participate in cooking. Both
sexes can read more gender
biased books. Easier to teach both genders separately about the spread of HIV / AIDS. Helps teach boys/girls
more gender centered
life lessons. It is easier to teach a personal health topic to the specific gender. That way, no specific gender gets embarrassed during the lesson . Also, it cuts down on the joking and funniness in the classroom. In a same-sex classroom all of those students have the same issue so it is easier to teach them as a whole. Instead of talking to 50% of a mixed class, the point gets across to 100% of the class. To be specific, teen pregnancy really does damper a child's education. In an all-girls class they can
go in depth and really let girls
understand the problems that
can arise in your
education from that. In a mixed school, the curriculum cannot be biased and
has to appeal to both males and females. In single-sex
schools girls can take elective classes like cooking or drama. The guys can option to take things like automotives
and construction. They do have those classes at
mixed schools, but at a single-sex school it is more
in the base curriculum. In a all-boys school, relational aggression is more dominant because it is easy for guys to exclude the less popular ones. In a mixed school the "outcasts", boys and girls, get along with one another. But in and all guys school. There are far less of them and they seem to fade in the background. (This does not mean that excluding the less popular ones is right, because its not.) When
people are left out, sometimes it gets to them
mentally and emotionally and that distracts
from their learning. At our personal high school we have a lot more girls than we should get in fights. At an all-girls school there would be more gossip and more drama. After awhile I am sure it would get old being around nothing but girls everyday.
I can totally see where there would be more aggression.
Aggression and school do not mix though, you get in trouble and then most likely you will get suspended. When your not at school you cannot learn. In a single-sex school more children are left out
and just put aside and that really can hurt children's feelings. Though, in a mixed-sex school there are all different types of groups. There are the athletic people, the band people, the people in different clubs . Also, there are the skater people, the "nerd" people, and then there is a social circle for all the outcast people. When children have friends they are more likely to be happier and therefore they are in a better mood to learn. Many people have their different view on this topic, but Dr. Sax disagrees with it. He states that it is a unique opportunity a to try out, but it really is not going to help a students education. I personally agree that it would be non-beneficial but i would not even like to try out the opportunity. All in all, being in a single-sex
school versus a mixed school is not
going to have greater
academic benefit. In a research study done it was proven that males in single-sex education gets lower literature scores. Personally, I can see that they may not get actually into the books they would have to read. Plus, they have lower grades and lower motivation. The lower grades come from the low motivation. In a mixed school the boys would be getting along with the girls having a good time
and not be bored in class. They would have each
other to help therefore in a mixed sex school
their grades would have improved. Not all girls, but most girls like to take courses that are more like their interests. Many girls will not want to continue their education learning about history. Also, many of them will not like to further their learning in the subject of biology. In a single-sex school children are more likely to turn away from certain subjects while in a mixed sex school students get more of a well rounded education. Finally, can be
taught without more distractions and there is a less chance of harassment by the opposite gender. Question:
Do children learn
better in girls-only
and boys-only schools? Increases violence and
aggression in girls and boys. As previously stated, with anything health related it can become a little awkward to openly talk about. Yes, there was a few giggles and laughs. With same-sex classes all girls can talk about the subject and all guys can. Things will run smoother and the lesson will be truly taught,
minus the funny laughs. When boys and girls get around each other the conversations defiantly start to pick up. There is laughter and a lot of talking. When trying to learn, things like that can be distracting. So when you separate them it cuts down on that and more children start to focus. You need children to focus in order
to get their work done and process what they
have learned. Also, sometimes kids pick on other
people and harass them. With kids split
apart, it still might happen
but defiantly less. High Low Graph single-sex
mixed-sex Shows that physical aggression is higher in single-sex schools for girls. Works Cited
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