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Globalization in Our

No description

Sidney Johnson

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Globalization in Our

Globalization in Our World Today
Globalization Pros and Cons for Economic Growth
Globalization has many drawbacks and benefits for the environment, economic growth, and the world in general.
Globalization Pros and Cons for the Environment
By Sidney Johnson, Period 5
Globalization is both good and bad for the world's economy
Counter Claim
Throughout the globe, globalization affects our daily lives. In this argument, I explain how globalization effects economic growth, the environment, and in general. This includes the benefits, drawbacks, and global economy.
Instead of being both good and bad, some countries would argue that globalization is harmful to the environment and economic growth, this greatly depends on the countries income and distribution rates and economic situation. Thus, each nation and county has different view on globalization, but every country is effected by globalization as well and should take action to be connected with the globe.
What is Globalization?
Some proponents say that globalization represents free trade which promotes economic growth, creates jobs, makes companies more competitive and lowers prices for products overseas.
Provides poorer countries with the chance to develop economically. For example, Malawi is one of the poorest countries ranked by GPD, but with the help of globalization, it can have economic growth.
Sharing technology with developing nations will help them progress. This is true for small countries, but stealing our technologies and IP has become a problem with larger competitors like China. (Pro and Con)
Makes the rich richer $
Balancing trade- Most of the US's trading partners balance their trade budgets and even run a surplus, resulting in job loss.
Is a economic tsunami that is sweeping the planet, and we can't stop it.
Many people say that globalization doesn't support poor and third world countries.
Globalization and democracy go hand and hand.

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Globalization increases the consumption of more products, which increases our carbon footprint.
Causes increase of pollution because of transporting and shipping products over the world
The more wealthy you are, the better your impact on the environment is
Globalization is the process of to an integrated
world from an isolated one. It has been largely possible with the help of booming technologies and transportation. Globalization is basically an international exchange of products, practices, and cultures. It makes every nation connected
to another, and brings all these packages
with it.

Labor markets
Economic growth/development
Rights of citizens
Resources and Income
The sustainability has been proven to increase in many environmental aspects such as air supply and quality, mineral resources, and water quality.
Globalization helps to spread animals and crops around the world providing us with more options for agriculture.
In all, we can conclude that globalization has many drawbacks and benefits to our world today. To have an even better environment and economy, we can change the bad things about globalization and make an impact on the world around us.
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