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Canada East-joining confederation

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Emily Alzaidi Zheng

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Canada East-joining confederation

Canada East Joining
Confederation in 1867 Political Situation Political Deadlock:
Canada East and Canada West would not agree on rules Representation by Population:
They wanted to have the same amount of Legislative Members The English-Speaking and
French-Speaking halves had different ideas about how things should be run Leaders from both parts of the province decided that joining the other countries might help solve their own political problems Transportation Defense Which led to confederation! Other A railway through Halifax, New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia, and Canada East would provide
dan all British route for trade and defense the canadian-american and the east of Montreal were afraid that the Fenian attack. HI HEY :) -George-Etienne Cartier(1814-1873)
-Alexander T.Galt(1817-1893)
-Thomas D'arcy(1825-1868)
-Hector L . Lange-vin(1826-1906)
-Etienne P. Taché(1795-1865)
-Jean Charles Champais(1811-1885) Fathers of confederation The St.Lawrance river
had no port that is free
of ice all year round For half the year all the goods
must be transported on American
railways. Through American territory Population Total population of Canada East : 1,112,000
Most of the population is in Montréal, and Québec city.
Population of Montréal : 107,225
Population of Québec City : 59,000 - Most of the people outside of town were farmers
-Lumber was the primary natural resource
- Floated logs down the St. Lawrence river during the spring floods
-sawmills would turn logs into planks, and boards to eventually sell them to the United states in the future
- factories would make shingles, furniture, matches, washboards,door frames, and window frames How people make a living - Women and Children performed most of the work in factories
-The most "industrialized" city in British North America was Montréal
- In the 1860's, food, footwear, and textiles were the leading industries in Montréal Industrialization Pros and Cons of Confederation (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Pros Cons - No Political Deadlock
- Expand, and become a greater nation
-Canada would become the 3rd largest seagoing nation
-in case of war all colonies would stand together as one
-they would be able to eventually be able to remove the barriers to be able to trade among colonies - United states citizens wanting to travel were not being allowed Conclusion Introduction Yes, In 1867 Canada East Decided to join Confederation. They were in strongly in favor toward confederation, Because the saw it as a way to expand the economy, and provide better defense against the United States. There were also many more pro's that lead to confederation to create a better and safe environment. Did Canada East Choose to Join Confederation Why Did Canada East join confederation? Did Canada East join confederation? This prezi will show you all the different reasons Canada east considered confederation. The map of Canada east in 1867 Canada East The End Made by
Emily-Other, Intro, Conclusion , Pros and Cons
Simran- Political Situation
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