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The Rainbow Zoo

No description

elbert huynh

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of The Rainbow Zoo

These ideas you will see are my part of the animals are their needs and facts. My parts half the raptor house , half the aquarium, the bird house, and the kangaroos. ( next I will do the aquarium and the raptor house)
Woodpecker Facts
The 180 types of woodpeckers are in the Picidae family.
The woodpecker's diet are fruits and nuts.
The regular meal of a woodpecker are insects and bugs.
The woodpecker's population is about 10,000.
The woodpeckers are found every where except Australia.
Cock-Of-The-Rock Facts
These Cock-Of-The-Rocks are from the southern amizon rain forest.
The color of the cock-of-the-rocks are mostly red-orange, yellow, orange or red.
Cock-Of-The-Rocks eat nuts, berries, and other fruit.
Cock-Of-The-Rocks live in groups with 10-15 birds.
Male Cock-Of-The-Rocks have the lump on their heads to attract females.
Humming birds are one of the smallest birds in the world!
A grown up humming bird is 3.3 inches (from head to tail).
The life span of a humming bird is 5 years.
All the species of humming birds are in the Trochilidae family.
The wing beat of a humming birds average is over 1,000 a minute!
The First Section is the Birdhouse
The bird house has wood peckers, Cock-of-the-rocks, lovebirds, parakeets, and humming bids.

Humming Bird Facts
Lovebird Facts
8 species of lovebirds are native to the African content.
The lifespan of a lovebird is 10-15 years. The clutch in a lovebirds nest is 4-6 eggs.
Lovebirds don't need to come in pairs inless you spend a lot of time with it
Lovebirds can be playful for hours! They could play like a clown
Lovebirds are a cuddly pet wich means they love to cuddle on a soft or cozy part of anything!
We hope you liked the bird house part!
Female Cock-Of-The-Rock
Parakeet Facts
Parakeets clutch is 5-7 eggs
Parakeets have a nickname called a "budgie"
Parakeets have over 3,000 feathers on their bodies
Parakeets belong in the parrot family
They are social, kind, friendly, and cuddly
They are colorful, graceful, and full of energy

Raptor house
In the raptor house there are ospreys and secretary birds.
Osprey Facts
Ospreys have mini hooks on their bottom pads to hook on to the fish without letting slip out
60 cm in length
180 cm across wings
Endangered raptor
Ospreys have a white head with thick, dark-brown eye stripe that continues down the neck onto the back
Secretary bird facts
Called a bird of prey
Found in Africa
Eats black mambas
Relative to the hawk
Very powerful
In the aquarium there are otters and dolphins.
Dolphins are playful and smart creatures
Dolphins are one of the only animals that still play when they are adults.
Dolphins use strategies to hunt fish.
Dolphins are endangered.
Dolphins are related to whales and porpoises.
We hope you liked the Raptor house part!
sea otter
fresh water otter
bottle nose dolphin
There are 13 different species of Otters found in the world.
There is evidence that they have been around for more than 5 million years.
Antarctica and Australia are the only two places in the world where they are not found. While they tend to live in the cooler waters, they have been known to reside where the water is warmer and the land is sandy.
Otters are very closely related to badgers, ferrets and mink.
They are not related to the beaver but they are often mistaken for them.
They are also distant cousins of the skunk.
They have the ability to create and use tools just like beavers, monkeys, and apes.
Top Facts about Otters
The average life span for an Otter is 10 years. That can double though with one in captivity.
Otters can have a tail that is a foot long.
It helps to protect them as well as to help them steer through the water.
Generally the tail will make up about one third of the body.
An Otter can remain under water for up to 4 minutes.
They can also dive up to 300 feet in search of food.
river dolphin
we hope you liked the aquarium part!
The Legend
Other facts
The Snack Stands
Chips: $1.50 per bag
Churros: $2.00 per churro
Beverages: $4.50 per liter: lemonade, soda, and water (free refill)
Ice-cream: $5.00 per cone: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate
Root Beer Float: $3.00
Popcorn: $3.00: kettle corn, cheddar cheese, chocolate zebra, and regular
Concert Music
Gift Shops
The Restaurant
The Kangaroos
Hip Hop
Park and concert will be open from 7:30 to 8:50.
country music:
Stuffed Animals : (tiny $2.00) (medium $5.00) (large/x-large $7.00)
Flashlights : $2.00 per flashlight (rainbow)
Pencils : $1.00
Sculptures : $5.00 (mini $2.00) (large $7.00)
Erasers : 50¢
Books : $2.00 per book
T-shirt : $2.00 per shirt
Fried chicken : $5.00 per dish
Pasta : $3.00 per dish
Beverages : $2.00 per cup (free refill)
Dessert : $3.00 per serving
Breadsticks : $2.50 per basket
Noodle : $5.00 per bowl
Burgers : $5.00 per burger (any kind)
French Fries : $2.00 per cup
kangaroos are found in Australia
there are 6 types of kangaroos, the red kangaroo, Antilopine kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo, wallabies, and wallaroos
kangaroos are in the Marsupial family and the Taxonomic family
a kangaroo group is called a macropod
Kangaroos do kick-boxing to see who leads the macropod
male kangaroos have a thick pouch to protcet them from the pianful kick of another kangaroo
snack stand
gift shop
raptor house
bird house
you have reached the end of my prezi!
be sure to visit any time!thanks!!
good bye!
we hope you come back!
by: elbert huu huynh
p.s be sure to check out angelina's prezi.


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