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Stylistic Elements of Classical Literature

No description

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Stylistic Elements of Classical Literature

Stylistic Elements of Traditional Literature
Stylistic Element
A part of a story that uses the style of a certain genre of literature
Rule of Three
Pattern of three things grouped together
Magic Helper
A character or object that introduces magic into the story
Supernatural Transformation
A character changes in a drastic and impossible manner
A stylistic element could be:
a certain kind of character
a certain kind of event
a certain kind of setting
a choice of words
a style of grammar
a use of language
Examples of magic helpers:
The fairy in
The genie in Aladin
Examples of the rule of three:
Three little pigs
Goldilocks and the three bears
Examples of supernatural transformation:
The princess and the Frog
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
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