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CV - Fabio Rizzi

My Curriculum Vitae

Fabio Rizzi

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of CV - Fabio Rizzi

Welcome to my dynamic CV
Fabio Rizzi
What am I excited about at work?
better insight from people data
better organisational cultures
ways of working
HR as a commercial function
happy workplaces
New ways to...
help people be their best
make customers happy
build organisational capability
use technology to make things smarter
understand what makes people tick
What have I done before?
coordinated the training cycle in a company of 1,600 employees.
This isn't a case of 'Jack of all trades, but master of none'...
I've been lucky enough to work in environments that exposed me to all of these areas and the understanding needed to join them up successfully.
What would I like to do now?
Training and development
Project management, administration and communication
Recruitment and selection
led and delivered on group/company-wide projects.
Take my experience of working in training and development, recruitment and selection, administration, and communication, and use it to provide fair and unbiased business solutions to make a global organisation more effective.
What have I delivered?
Designed training and development programmes based on the organisation’s needs.
Advertised vacancies appropriately by drafting and placing adverts in a wide range of media. Used social media to build relationships with candidates. Reviewed applications, managed interviews and created a shortlist of candidates.
Liaised with a variety of contacts to disseminate information in the right format at the right time.
Facilitated the smooth and efficient running of the data-collection process, providing advice over the phone.
Monitored progress against goals and identified the need for further action and resources.
Worked well with stakeholders at all levels on global projects.
Proactively provided support, assistance and cover to the other members of my team.
Demonstrated a flexible, “can do” approach to delivering team results.
Motivated others within my team to achieve set objectives.
Prioritised my work and resources to achieve agreed objectives.
Engaged in professional development and training activities, and applied further learning to my area of work.
Maintained an interest and understanding of current initiatives relevant to HR.
What I've done to make a difference...
The difference...
Created and delivered a “Field Supervisor” leadership and management training programme for 62 mid-level employees. The programme increased retention of line management from 11% to 18%, improved customer service levels, and decreased operational costs by 12%.
Developed and implemented a team-building programme for IT professionals, improving staff efficiency and effectiveness by 19%.
Increased levels of employee engagement.
Achieved improvements in decision-making around poor performers and in planning the next moves for our top performers.
Created a pipeline of motivated, talented colleagues (all members from one programme were promoted within a 15-month period).
Reduced the overall employee turnover by more than 40%.
Registered a 320% increase in annual employee suggestions.
Increased the profile and recognition of the department as a centre of expertise.
Created compelling commercial evidence of the link between coaching activity and revenue/efficiency.
Increased departmental credibility and the ability to make a commercial impact.
Planning and organising
I create a to-do list each morning and review this list throughout the day in order to make sure that emergencies and unexpected tasks are accommodated. I keep track of deadlines, setting my own deadline as 24 hours before the due date. I work systematically, and I carry out important and urgent matters immediately. This approach allows me to meet performance standards and achieve agreed objectives every time.
I am passionate about creating new ways of doing things to make businesses better. Throughout my career, senior managers and colleagues have recognised my ability and determination to get things done and to make things happen.
I have led several teams and coordinated a number of training projects to make a business impact and provide people-oriented solutions. Working in fast-paced, high-pressured environments has helped me develop a good practical understanding of the challenges people face and the best way to provide support, to coach them and to help.
I am able to gather information systematically to establish facts. I built cross-functional reports that supported decision making and planning within several HR departments.
Throughout my career I have developed excellent communication skills, dealing with people across all levels and functions of the organisation. My professional and confident verbal communication and interpersonal skills are exemplified by the ability to build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders and provide audience-focused information in an effective and timely manner.
Where's the proof?
Master’s degree
International Human Resource Management
Bachelor’s degree
Economics and Management
Master’s degree
Electronic Engineering
Thank you for taking the time to view my CV. Much appreciated.
oversaw the recruitment process from advert to offer.
Born in


Now living in

Looking for an opportunity
to make a positive impact on
people's lives
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