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introduction: If i stay is a heart warming book and movie. M

No description

madison burden

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of introduction: If i stay is a heart warming book and movie. M

introduction: If i stay is a heart warming book and movie. Mia has a heart breaking decision to make after going into a self induced coma, from a horrible car crash. she get's the decision to stay or go and cant make up her mind because if she leaves she leaves everyone behind (Gram,Gramps,Adam, Aunty and Uncle, her Bestfriend) but if she wakes up, she wakes up an orphan because her parents and brother passed away in the car crash.
rising action

-Mia, teddy and their parents were fighting over which song to put on the radio

-Some people said it was because of the snow, but they got into a massive car accident.

-Everyone in the vehicle was rushed to the emergency room but only mia and teddy survived the car crash.

-Mia goes into a self induced coma

-Gran and gramps get to the hospital searching for mia, teddy and the parents only to find out that mom and dad died and mia was in a coma .

-Mia’s spirit could see everything that was going on, she sees teddy is alive and is heading for a full body scan.

-Kim and Adam are heading to see mia in the I.C.U, two guards stopped them on their way in. Willow walked in a demanded that they let them go!

-Mia sees that teddy passed away do to breathing problems

-Gramps comes to talk to Mia and tells her “its ok if you let go” and “you can leave if you need to”

-Mia doesn't think she should stay, she's having second thoughts. Shes scared to stay, but doesn't want to leave everyone else behind

-mia's boyfriend(Adam) comes in a plays a song for her..

-Mia see’s light and begins to fade away.

falling action/conclusion
-Adam begged Mia to stay, Mia at this time was extremely scared and didn't know what to choose, Adam looked up only to see... to be continued

-I don't know exactly what's happened to me, and for the first time today, I don't really care. I shouldn't have to care. I shouldn't have to work this hard. I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard."
[Page 174]

“I had broken through some invisible barrier and could finally play the pieces like I heard them being played in my head, and the result had been something transcendent: the mental and physical, the technical and emotional sides of my abilities all finally blending.”
"Chapter 14." If I Stay

-“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”— If I Stay

-“I don’t want to be in this suspended state where I can see what’s happening, where I’m aware of what I’m feeling without being able to actually feel it.”
— If I Stay - Gayle Forman

theme: the theme that is focused on the most is, love that last through anything no matter what happens. Even when mia was in the hospital, and Adam stayed by her bedside hoping and praying that she would wake up. this book was based on a love story.
-gran and gramps
-mom and dad
-uncle greg and aunt diane
-Mia: is a protagonist and a round character, her flashbacks show the difference of her then comparison to now.

-Adam: is a flat character doesn't really change much.

-Mom and Dad: they are also a flat characters, they passed away at the beginning of the book.

Teddy: teddy is a flat character, he passes away during the surgery after the car crash.

Personally i thought the book was way better then the movie, i recommend reading this book if you like love stories and suspense! This book has alot of description so its easy to get in touch with the book..
thanks for watching :)
person vs self

person vs person

person vs life
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