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COU LO Conf 2016

Integrated use of Brightspace tools in a capstone design course at University of Guelph: Learning Outcomes, Dropbox & Rubrics, Quizzing & Grades

Jason Thompson

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of COU LO Conf 2016

Leveraging your
Learning Management System
to Inform Curriculum Improvements

This workshop will illustrate how Brightspace was used to deliver a complicated, multifaceted capstone Design Course at the University of Guelph providing a high-level overview of a) quiz development with random questions, b) development and use of rubrics and c) the tracking of student outcomes using the current Competency tool.
Learning Outcome’s are the main driver..

Key to defining programs and courses for
faculty and

Important to measure student performance
Important for improvement of program quality

Need effective, efficient tools for faculty to link course assessments to program level LO’s

“Clear statements of objectives help the instructor plan the course in terms of the content to be covered, the teaching and learning activities within the course, and the assessment methods”

~ Blumberg, 2009, p.96

Constructive alignment takes place:

within each level
– ensuring that outcomes, assessments and teaching and learning activities are aligned.

among the levels
– as the program looks to individual courses for evidence (assessments) to ensure the outcomes of the program are being met.

The challenge becomes managing the relationship among these levels to ensure alignment, and reporting to variety of stakeholders how outcomes are being assessed.

Engineering is a

All undergrad programs undergo accreditation
[seven (7) of them]

Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB)

School Of Engineering

Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB):

Accreditation Visits
Data-driven curriculum improvement process
Demonstrate proficiency in CEAB Graduate Attributes (GA)
course activities tied to specific indicators
examples / evidence of student work

12 Graduate Attributes with 41 “nested” Indicators

Let's take a look insitu shall we..
How to design the course
to give student opp to
construct their knowledge
related to the subject matter
Are course
aligned explicitly
Teaching &
Learning Activities
Breakout Session 2


Are the course learning outcomes
(what learners should know & be able to do) aligned explicitly with
the teaching & learning activities
the assessment methods ?
Dropbox & Rubric
Grade Book
Storage of evidence of student work
Consistent method for grading student work
Associating to LOs
If wifi doesn't work....

Faculty Panels

12 separate panels – 2-year cycle
Each faculty participates on at least 1 panel
Panels review and make recommendations
Capture in an MS-Word template

Graduate Attribute Committee

Collects data and info to present to panels
Student work is in “Dropbox”
Process student performance results from exported LMS data
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