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ELA/ELD Framework

No description

Maria Vlahiotis

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of ELA/ELD Framework

Implications: Practice & PD
Having now been introduced to the framework, what are the implications for your district's work with teachers? Think about:
teacher practice
professional development
structures at the school and district levels
Key Themes
ELA/ELD Framework & ELD Standards
The CA ELD Standards
The Framework bridges the CA CCSS ELA/Literacy and ELD standards
First to create ELA/ELD Framework

Highest population of ELs
LTELs are not reaching college and career readiness
Low expectations for rigor and instruction in ELD classes--should be tied to standards

Provide guidance
Close the achievement gap
ELD and Literacy standards should be taught in tandem
ELA/ELD Framework Cheat Sheet
Vignettes & Snapshots
Read through the snapshot.
Underline evidence of your assigned theme...How is it supported and scaffolded throughout the unit?

What conclusions can you draw?

The group member whose theme is foundational skills will share notes on the Padlet:
Scaffolding for Success
Scaffolding for Success, Cont'd
The Themes Exist in the Literacy Standards, Too!
Match each of the CCSS Anchor Standards to the theme(s) that it supports
The ELA/ELD Framework
Understand the structure of the
ELD Standards
ELA/ELD Framework

See how the ELA/ELD Framework relates to and bridges the ELD and Literacy standards

Consider the implications of the Framework for your schools
By the end of this session, you will:
What do you notice? Think about:
how are the 'color' pages related to each other?
what is different from the old standards?
Encompassed in both the CCSS Literacy Standards and the CA ELD Standards

Section 1: Goal, Critical Principles, and Overview
Grade 7 CA ELD Standards
The 7th Grade example page:
Meaning Making
Foundational Skills
Language Development
Content Knowledge
Effective Expression
The MS Framework Chapter:
Use your Note catcher to desribe the components of the ELD Standards and how you might use them
Maria Vlahiotis
Literacy Specialist
Alameda County Office of Education
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