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Teach For India - Campaign Leader 2014-15

No description

Apoorva Murari

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Teach For India - Campaign Leader 2014-15

Teach For India
Your guide to becoming
a Campaign Leader
Who is a Campaign Leader?
Believer in the vision of Teach For India
Strong leader at his/her institution
Highly skilled project planner
Liaison between Teach For India and his/her institution
What does a Campaign Leader do?
Motivates leaders at his/her institution to apply for the Fellowship Program
Plans and executes Teach For India presentations at his/her institution
Creates innovative awareness campaigns for Teach For India
Builds strong relationships with stakeholders
What we are looking for
Commitment and a sense of ownership towards Teach For India's mission
Prior leadership experience
Excellent communication and motivation skills
Organization, innovation, resourcefulness and perseverance in the face of obstacles
Strong networks at institution
From our Campaign Leaders
"Being a Campaign Leader for Teach For India has changed me for life. I have become more confident, more organized, more passionate about the cause and my role in it.I have had the chance to network with students from the best colleges in the country and work with them towards a common vision.

I recommend this program to every college student who wishes to develop himself while making a difference."
How will this role
help me?
Building relationships and influencing others
Work effectively in a team and communicate articulately
Understand various perspectives
Influence and motivate others
Reasoning and Strategic Thinking
Define opportunities, problems and be solution oriented
Identify patterns, trends and root your decisions in data
Make decisions effectively and demonstrate responsibility
Operations and Management
Set a vision and drive towards ambitious goals
Taking initiative, organizing, planning and executing projects
Share best practices with larger CL team
Learn and continuously improve
children by helping recruit 16 Fellows
Rupal, Swathy and Vatsala
Campaign Leaders
Christ University
Avinash Raju
Campaign Leader
Infosys, Hyderabad
children by helping recruit 8 Fellows
Can YOU rise to the challenge?
Aman Jain
Campaign Leader
Hansraj College
"My journey as a Campaign Leader for Teach For India has been incredible, to say the least. I worked with Campaign Leaders from colleges and other corporate organisations.

Conducting presentations, convincing my colleagues, HR, and senior leadership at my organisation has been a test of my communication and motivation skills. I held coffee-chats, sent mailers throughout the office, put up TFI banners and so much more.

The last year has reaffirmed my belief in the vision of Teach For India. I have learnt to persevere even when the odds seemed against me."
Nikit Shah
Campaign Leader
Passion. Commitment. Excellence. Leadership.

Do you have what it takes?
A Campaign Leader
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