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WW2 (zack did all the work{Lies})

No description

Morgan Fucheck

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of WW2 (zack did all the work{Lies})

canada's prime minster during ww2 was william lyon mackenise king 1st of all canada rocks unlike in ww1 canada had a choice so being the best country that they are they joined the war canada is a democray im not going to go into anything, soooooooo basically canada sided with britan <- This is their uniform. Canada is a Commomwealth country
and so it supported Britain during WW II. William Lyon Mackenzie was Prime Minister during WWII They joined the Allies 3 days after Britain in 1939 In 1939, Canada only 11 million people. The Army was small and the Navy only had 10-15 ships. When Britain declared war on Germany, the prime minister called Parliament to debate if Canada should enter the war with Britain. 10 days since Germany invaded Poland, Canada got $20,000,000 worth of arms from the US. Canada ran the British commonwealth air training plan. During the war, Canada supplied 40% of the Allies Aluminum Production
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