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The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

No description

J Figure Skater

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

(Maupassant 170-172) photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant Presented By~ Anthony Testa,
Kayla Langhorn, Stephanie Rizzo
and Jessica Marrone Setting
Paris, France
Late 1800s Both Middle class Characterization
Mathilde Loisel- Needy, selfish, never satisfied, cares about herself Example: made her husband give her money for a dress, complained that she MUST be rich all the time.
Mr. Loisel- caring towards wife-Example: give money he was saving to his wife, went looking all over town for the necklace his wife lost, payed for a necklace and payed it off with hard work. Exposition Rising Action climax falling action Resolution Protagonist- Mathilde Loisel
Antagonist- The conflict is paying of the lost necklace. The Loisel's got invited to a very hig class ball and Mathidel (based on her personality) want to look very rich so she buy a new dress and borrows a "fine" piece of jewlery from a friend. After the ball, Mathidel noticed something wrong, the necklace she borrowed from her friend was missing. After looking all over the city for it, the Loisel's went to a jeweler. The jeweler had a necklace similar to the one Mathidel lost, but there was one problem, it was 34,000 frankes. They only had 18,000 franks and that was their life saving. They bought the necklace and to pay off the money that was missing they went to desperate measures. loan sharks, jobs, loans from family and friends where a part of the
"paying off process". Theme
Always tell the truth Irony
After hard work for a long period of time the necklace was fake. Foreshadowing
Mathidel wanted to have everything and wanted to live the rich life, even though she has a great Middle Class life. She feels like she is poor and not living the good life but, she will soon find out what the poor life truly feels like. Flashback
10 years after the necklace was lost she sits by her window and remembers the night at the ball, looking beautiful with the last expensive outfit she ever wore. Conflict
Matidel lost a "diamond" necklace that does not belong to her and now is trying to figure out what to do.
(man vs self ) Narrator
3rd person limited Plot After ten years of hard work she is now lower class. While she goes for a walk she sees someone familiar. Mathidel finds Mme Fosestier and tells her the story of how she lost the necklace. Mathidel soon finds out that the necklace was fake all along. Thank you we hope you enjoyed are amazing prezi! (Maupassant pg.168) (Maupassant 169-173) (Maupassant 173-174) (Maupassant 173) (Maupassant 175) (Maupassant 173-174) (Maupassant 175) (Maupassant 173) (Maupassant 174) (Maupassant 175) (Maupassant 174) (Maupassant 170)
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