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Winter Sky

No description

Laura Cody

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of Winter Sky

The genre is fiction.

*Siria- main character
*Pop- Siria's dad
*Mimi- Siria's sister
*Laila- Siria's friend
*Douglas- Siria's best friend
*Izzy- firefighter

For several days while she's on Christmas break, she sees a stray dog with a chain stuck on its collar across the street. A few days later she sees that the theater is on fire and that same dog is trapped inside. Soon, she saves the dog and it goes off running.
Her dad recovers right before Christmas. Soon they realize that it was ? who accidentally set all of the fires. Siria and Douglas make up. For her twelfth birthday present, Douglas and Laila made her a star gazing hut on the roof of the building... and they all lived happily.

Siria is an almost twelve year old girl who lives in the city in an apartment with her pop, who's a firefighter, and her older sister Mimi. Siria's mom died when she was little and named her after the star constellation "Sirius." Late at night when her dad is working, she goes fire hunting with some of the kids in her building including her best friends Douglas and Laila.
Winter Sky
By, Patricia Reilly Giff
I recommend this book for girls ages 10-13.

Prezi by, Anna Inman
Soon, Siria starts to think Douglas, her friend, is starting all of these fires. She goes to confront him and he gets mad and they are no longer friends anymore. The next night while Siria is fire hunting, she sees an old factory on fire. While her dad is saving someone, a part of the building falls on him and he is taken to the hospital.


"A touching story about love, family and courage." -Ms. Kitty
"A very well written book." -Dave
"This book was a good one. I enjoyed it because it was very detailed." -Malia C.
A few days later, she thinks she sees a reflection of a fire by a creek. She goes to check things out and finds the same dog, with its chain stuck in the ice. She soon frees him and takes him home. Siria names him "Major" after the star constellation "Canis Major."
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