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Ruined: Rebecca's Story

No description

Madison Eubanks

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Ruined: Rebecca's Story

Ruined: Rebecca's Story
Rebecca's Secret
Defeating The Curse
The Outsiders
This Prezi was created by Madison Eubanks.
Extra Information
Books Used In Prezi:
Ruined ( By: Paula Morris )
The Outsiders ( By: S.E Hinton )
Characters Used In Prezi:
Rebecca Bowman
Ponyboy Curtis
I had fun creating this Prezi, and it was fun to explore all of it's unique features. I want to use this again sometime in the future! :D
Rebecca believes that her father is heading to China, although he has secrets of his own. On page 5, it states, " He was sending her to New Orleans, some-where that still looked like a war zone." She thinks that she must go there, so her father is able to work. Soon enough, Rebecca finds out the truth.

On page 248, it says, " Helena's cousin, the other girl... oh, Rebecca. It's you." Rebecca finds out who she really is, and what she is meant to do. She finds out that she is a Bowman. Sadly, a curse was laid upon the family, leaving only Rebecca to fit it's place. This is Coming Of Age with the help of family. It is this because her Aunt Claudia finally reveals the secret. Doing this allows Rebecca to find out exactly who she is, and that she should never doubt herself.
On page 199, it reads, " That just as her daughter had been taken, before her seventeenth birthday, the daughters of the house would be taken, one after the other. " Lisette, the daughter, told Rebecca about the curse her mother laid down on the house.

On page 291, it states, " Helena Bowman lay dead on the steps of the family tomb, the seventh Bowman daughter to die. The curse was over." Before Helena had died, Lisette had helped Rebecca get away from the people, and it was Rebecca who finally ended the curse by killing Helena. She was a kind person, so it was hard for Rebecca to end the life of someone who deserved to keep it. This is Coming Of Age with help from friends. It takes a lot of courage to come down and steal someone's life away, which is something Rebecca had to do.
Page 5 says, " But no. It was too long for Mrs. Horowitz to stay, her father said. " In the outsiders, on page 18, it reads, " Darry doesn't love anyone or anything except maybe Soda."

Both of these quotes show that both the characters believe that one of their family members doesn't care much about them, or want them to go away. Rebecca feels as though her father is making excuses for why she should leave, and Ponyboy only see's Darry as a strict guardian. They don't have much faith to actually believe in their family.
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