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this is my first prezi and it's about cheerleading

Sarah O'Malley

on 5 February 2011

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Transcript of cheerleading

cheerleading stunting is a part of cheerleading when people
are getting liffted and thrown up in the air.
this movie shows people stunting, tumbling,jumps and dance pom is another style of cheerleading. pom is when the cheerleaders dance with pom poms. the cheerleaders jump and dance in this style. in this style no one gets lifted of thrown up in the air. this is a pom routine tumbling is only done in a cheerleading
routine not in a pom routine.
tumbling is the part when you see people
fliping on the ground. there are lots of different levels in cheerleading and you can get disqualified if you do something that is a level than you are competing in. this is because of safty reasons. In australia the highest teem cheer level is level 5. they are the australian outlaws this is a photo of my team last year that was an american team called top gun. they came first in worlds. me at my first
comp this year me at my first comp this year this is a photo of my team stunting
at a comp this year
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