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Product Development | Case Study

No description

T. Bernie

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Product Development | Case Study


The Challenge
International celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt founded eponymous line of prestige treatment-infused makeup and skin care.
Capitalize and differentiate in the crowded, emerging category of “brightening”.

Extend into newer format of liquid concealer, an alternative to traditional cream stick.

Increase sales and share of concealer and Complexion category with strong product offer as well as replace/discontinue slow-moving cream stick shades.

The Results
Achieved sell-thru +50% to ship for Year 1.

Microquatic™ Bioluminescence skin care sub-franchise became brand top-seller.


The Solution
Steered new product launch incorporating:

Technology/Ingredient Story & Formula Form – integral in formula and shade development (one of which is personal shade match) of favorable light reflective optics for dark under eye circles and blemishes, fusion with anti-aging properties and marine-derived ingredients, selection of pen brush packaging

Trend & Competitive Intelligence – market popularity of “brightening”, pricing, positioning, meeting COG targets

Sell-thru Analysis & Sku Optimization - tight range of four, most saleable shades, including ethnic skin tone options, forecasting sell-in and GWP support volume projections

Merchandising – copywriting and gondola highlighter display layout and production

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