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Business Development

No description

Sarah Bolick

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Business Development

Video conferencing software company
Did not have a sophisticated tax system
No debt, no audit needed

Danny Jackson
Networking with Hyde Park Investment Banker
Investment Banker referred us to Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, Inc.
Poplar Creek JV, LP
Hedgepath Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Monin, Inc.
Business Development
By: Adam Berg, Sarah Bolick, Sara Dawson, and Ryan Gammon
Cherry Bekaert Interns - Summer 2014

Governmental defense contractor - Jet fighter part supply
Mom and pop run business looking to sell to a private equity firm.

Danny Jackson, Managing Partner
Contacted by private equity group looking to purchase the company
Inserted members from Danny's network group into the firm after completed sale.

We Offered:
Quality earnings and due diligence initially
Full services following completed sale
Honeycomb Company of America, Inc.
Wurkin Stiffs, Inc.
Distributes magnetic collar stays

Danny Jackson (contact at Deloitte)
Relationship Partner:
Ryan Deneen

We offered:
Tax Compliance Work

Real-Estate Investment
Commercial Rental Property in Illinois

Eric Pilcher, Tax
Initial referral- Barry Weins previous co-worker
Early involvement with DeBartolo family
They continue to bring new work as large investments arise
Table of Contents
Trinity Services Group, Inc.
Headquartered in Paris, France
EY services the parent company
Cherry Bekaert acquired subsidiary
Various components throughout Tampa
Example: Joffrey's coffee

Phil Piser, Audit
Referral through personal relationship
Bio-tech company
R&D company
No products yet

Referral: Chris Rux
Working relationship with owner
Frank O'Donnell
Take company public- reverse merger

1. Analysis of Findings

2. New Client Wins

3. Desired Future Referrals

4. Practical Application

5. Conclusion

What can we do as interns and young professionals?

Develop expertise and gain knowledge

Keep in contact

Find something to be passionate about

Social Network
Food Services

Chris Rux
Magda Farren, Chief Accounting Officer

Relationship Partner:
Ryan Deneen

What We Do:
Tax Provision Review

USF Foundation, Inc.
USF Donation Money

Referral: John Gilberto
USF Research Foundation
Similar Board Members
Built on connection

What We Did Well:
USF involvement
Presented with whole team
"What they saw is what they got"
Interviewed in Green & Gold

Broad Takeaways

1. Networking
2. Maintaining Client Relationship
3. Perception vs. Reality
4. Understand Your Role
Future Business

Work Quality

Know Your Client
Importance of joining organizations
Do what you are passionate about
Know your profession
Don't burn bridges
GOAL: "Want to be the first call"
Know Where You Fit In Your Industry
Harry Cherry quote
Focus on everything else
Smaller jobs from larger companies
IC Testing
Compliance work
Value-added services
Providing services other than audit/tax for larger companies, based on their needs

Straz Center
Smaller segments of large companies

"Growing" industries

Keep good relationships
Build on existing clients
HCA - Access Healthcare Holdings, LLC
Thank you
General practice physician group (largest physician practice in Citrus county)

Came through the CFO at the time who heard us give a presentation about cost segregation

We Offered:
Full tax and audit services

It's definitely not...
Practical Application
Fun Fact:
Shark Tank!
Performing Arts Center in Tampa

Win this year
: IT Assessment (Michael Townsend)
Relationship Partner
: John Gilberto

Expanded Service Concept

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