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business Ethics

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of business Ethics

Identify the fair trade mark
Business ethics Essa
Parent company Mondelez says it plans to bring all Cadbury lines under its existing in-house fair trade scheme, Cocoa Life.

As a result, it says it will offer five times more sustainable chocolate in the UK by 2019.

But critics warn this could confuse consumers.

They also fear that shared standards around ethical trade will be lost if more firms drop Fairtrade.

So what prompted Mondelez's change of approach, and does it leave the future of the Fairtrade mark in doubt?

Mondelez's change of approach
Broadly, Fairtrade works as a voluntary certification system which holds adherents to strict standards - in particular paying a minimum price for raw materials such as cocoa, sugar and coffee.

But Glenn Caton, northern Europe president at Mondelez, tells the BBC that while his firm and Fairtrade have the same goals, "sustainability is about much more to us than price".

Trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.
"fair trade coffee"
Identify 5 businesses that sell fair trade products
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