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Han Dynasty 206 B.C.E-220 C.E.

By Kate and Asia

Asia Williams

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Han Dynasty 206 B.C.E-220 C.E.

Han Dynasty
206 B.C.E-220 C.E. by Kate and Asia Major Achievements Invented paper which exposed people to literature for the first time Discovered the silk road trade route Expanded the Great wall of China Han Dynasty Timeline 206 B.C.E- founding of Han dynasty 206-202 B.C.E- Civil war between Lui Bang and Xiang Yu 202 B.C.E- Han takes control while Lui Bang becomes the Gao-di which translates to... Heaven Is High and the emperor is far away Also the 10 feudal kingdoms were established in Eastern China 201 B.C.E- Establishment of appeasement policies given to non-Chinese due to Xiong-nu War 195 B.C.E- 9/10 Kingdoms were brought under Lui Bang’s control, but later died and his wife Empress Lu became a huge influence 191 B.C.E- book ban lifed 179-157 B.C.E- Huang-Lao influences just as much as Confucian as it gradually starts growing
154 B.C.E- Rebellion from feudal kingdoms failed making their power permanently break 140-87 B.C.E- Wu-di reigns over this era
140- 98 B.C.E- While Wu-di was searching for talent and advice for policy, Confucianism becomes the state of ideology
91 B.C.E- 206 C.E- A great deal of witchcraft closes Wu-dis reign and further corruptions make the dynasty fall
Han Dynasty Artwork This painting is inspired by the dragons found in the “Dragonkeeper” Series. This special painting was painted on silk and found in a Han dynasty tomb that’s over 2,000 years old.
Han Dynasty Literature Most popular fiction in Asia, this book sums up the falling of the Han dynasty and talks about greed for power, human motivation, and most important; loyalty.
3 Important Events China’s most popular Silk Road trade route was invented
Books used to be prohibited up until 191 B.C.E when the book ban was lifted
The Mang Family took over the Han dynasty that lasted only for a brief period of 9 C.E- 24 C.E.
So what's happening in Europe? 47 B.C.E- New years starts on January for first time including the new Roman calendar
150 B.C.E- The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient mechanical computer designed to calculate astronomical positions
44 B.C.E- Julius Caesar was murdered which resulted in the Roman Republic drawing to a close
3 Famous People Wang Mang- Took over the Han dynasty 9 B.C.E- 23 B.C.E naming it Xin, which split the Han dynasty into two parts: Western Han and Eastern Han
Zhang Heng- In 132 B.C.E Zhang invented the first seismograph to measure earthquakes. He was born in Eastern Han and was also a chief astrologer
Huangfu Mi- Born in 215 of the Eastern Han dynasty was a well known scholar. He was also known to have come out with the earliest book on the science of acupuncture and moxibustion called "Jiayi Jing".
Wang Mang Zhang Heng Huangfu Mi http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_accomplishments_of_the_Han_Dynasty
References So what did we find interesting?
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