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Avoiding A Head-On Boating Collision

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Kelli Toth

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Avoiding A Head-On Boating Collision

Avoiding A Head-On Boating Collision Kelli Toth
State of Alaska Office of Boating Safety A head on situation exists when a vessel sees another power-driven vessel's bow dead ahead or nearly so

Both vessels must take early and substantial
action to avoid collision Rule 14 of COLREGS: Head-On Situation Considerations:
Both vessels are considered give-way
Both vessels must take early and substantial action Both Vessels:
Turn to starboard early and substantially
One blast signaling intentions Rule 14: Head-On Situation http://my.boat-ed.com/Florida/studyGuide/Animation%3A-Meeting-Head-On%26mdash%3BPower-vs.-Power/10101001_700051271 Objectives:
1. Identify when a head-on situation
may occur
2. Demonstrate proper signaling and
maneuvering to avoid collision
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