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Lance Armstrong Foundation By: Mariah Venzke

No description

mariah venzke

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Lance Armstrong Foundation By: Mariah Venzke

Lance Armstrong Foundation Its Not About the Bike What will we be talking about? - The Organization
- Why was it created?
- What does it offer?
- Why that color?
- Does it make profit?
- Where does the money go?
- How much money is donated a year?
- Did you know?
- Should we still donate? Why was it created? - Overcomes being a victim.
- Wants to make a difference. What does it offer? - Support
- Money
- Marathons, Triathlons, Biking
- Products
ex. Shirts, water bottles, bracelets, and sports gear Why the color yellow? -Yellow Jersey in the Tour De France
-hope, courage, and perseverance
-education, advocacy, public health, and research. Does it make profit? -Yes
-Pay employees
-Bills for the building Where does the money go? - Programs
- Fund raising
- Administration Expenses $0.82 of every dollar goes to
-support programs
-service to survivors How much money is donated a year? $4.2 million dollars
$470million since started Did you know? - Hospitals remove bracelets
- Inspired other charities
- Strong, cheap
-Top Fundraisers
-White Jersey
-Green Jersey
-Polka Dot Jersey
-Yellow Jersey
$30,000 Resources http://lancearmstrong.com/foundation



http://www.livestrong.com/ Should we still donate? Yes
- Why? Any Questions? The End
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