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why it is important to be heathly

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Brian Dahi

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of why it is important to be heathly

Double click anywhere & add an idea Why it is important to be healthy. Advantages reduce chronic diseases Better moods Improve family and professional life Chronic dieases/Health problems Diabetes type one and two heart dieases High Cholesterol Type one=known in children and most teenagers. Type two= Adult onset diabetes.Mostly in the ages of 40 but has significantly increase to younger population. Coronary Artery Disease.
High blood pressure.
Congestiice heart failure.
Obesity Different types of health. Have you ever asked your self what health really is? It is made up of three different groups.
Social This form i This form is
doing some
sort of actived. Mental health
is essential to
function in
daily taskes. social health is
your day to
day life. Time It does not take more then thirty min. out of your day five times a week to be active. This can reduse chronic diseases,lower weight,and make your feel better about your self. Motavation Chance to be able to do things with your family Motivation Chance to go out and do things with the family Lose weight a goal needs to be set Motivation is what you want.
When ever you think about
what you want either it be to lose
weight for your self or so you can do
something with you kids or family.
You should never skip out on any of your meals though out the day.
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