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Hernando Cortes

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Student 8

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Hernando Cortes

Hernando Cortes
By Nakeisha, Clare, and Shae
Hernando Cortes was a nobleman. He was born in 1485 in Spain. After a few years, he then moved to the island of Hispaniola in the New World and owned hundreds of American Indians. He then died in 1547 in Spain at age 62.
Personal Background
The people who sponsored Cortes were the American Indians and the Spainyards (the people from Spain) they worked together to fight and kill the Aztec Empire for their riches.
The reason he went on an exploration was to find riches. Another motive was when Francisco Fernandez De Cordoba found a land west of Cuba. It was called Yucatan. It had gold, silver, and other riches. Cordoba assigned Cortes to be captain of the exploration.
Motives Of Exploration
Hernan Cortes started exploring from Cuba to Mexico in 1519, and came back to Spain in 1521.
Dates Of Exploration
Route Of Exploration
Hernan Cortes started exploring in Cuba, set sail in 1519 to Yucatan to get riches and claim the land for himself, and then went to fight and kill the Aztecs for their riches, and went back to Spain in 1521.
Impact of Exploration
He conquered the Aztecs and won Mexico for Spain
He affected the American Indians by spreading disease.
Thanks for listening to our Prezi presentation!


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