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Daniela Morales E

on 22 March 2014

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* Located in Oman and in United Arab Emirates
* Focus on building better relationships with the guests
Group sales has fallen by 22%
The group's room occupancy rate has dropped from 81% to 62%
Customer surveys have indicated increasing dissatisfaction with the hotels
The retention rate of guests has fallen from 25% to 8%
There seems to be little customer loyalty to the Hotel Group.
Recent reviews have reduced two of the hotels' rating from four stars to three.

Location 5
Rooms 4
Amenities 3
Service 2
Staff 2
Information 1
Value for money 3
1. How to make guests feel "special" and "highly valued"?

Staff training, in communication skills goals.
It is important to recognize guests by name
Take into consideration the preferences of customers
Cultivate long relationships with the customers with kindness
2. What can the group do to...

a) Reward loyal customers: With discounts and special offers at the Hotel.

b) Persuade guests who have stayed once to return: Offer information about events and conferences in the hotel via e-mail and give the opportunity to rate the service of the Hotel
3. What can be done to make staff more motivated and customer oriented in their approach to their work?

Trainings: like seminars
They may know everything about the hotel and the city where it is located.
Give awards for the "Best of the month"
Promote the best workers in the Hotel

4. What questions should the management be asking in order to gather information for an accurate, up - to - date profile of each guest?

To ensure a good customer stay in the Hotel, it is important before they arrive, to ask them the following questions:

1. How did you find out about the Hotel?
2. Do you have any preference for rooms where smoking or listening to music late at night is allowed?

5. How can the group maintain its relationship with guests once they have left its hotels?

By e-mail: Sending birthday cards to each customer
Generating the "Top of heart" providing excellent service
Having a b2c (Business to customers)
6. What other actions can the group take to improve customer loyalty, increase the average scores in the next customer satisfaction survey and get back its four-star rating?

The Hotel should have a customer base, to recognize the more important guests of the Hotel.
Consider the "customer profile", so the amenities may be assigned to each.
The hotel, should be a cozy place
It is important to have all hotel information on the web page

If the retention of the guest increase, it should be a prove that our clients are satisfy, and that will improve the Hotel image and the customer loyalty.
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