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Leadership Lessons in Dead Poets Society

No description

Samantha Smith

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Leadership Lessons in Dead Poets Society

Leadership Lessons in Dead Poets Society
Change your perspective
Mr. Keating emphasizes the importance of viewing the world in a different way
Looking at situations from a new perspective can be a very valuable tool in life and leadership to gain a better understanding of how to address a problem or issue.
Carpe diem!
In this scene, Mr. Keating explains to his students about seizing the day and making the most of every moment
As a student and as a leader, it is easy to get caught up in looking forward to the future and forgetting to live in the moment
This is one of the most important takeaways from the film: seizing opportunities and making the most of what you have
Dead Poet Society is a great example of how leadership styles can sometimes clash, especially when it comes to changing traditional organizational structure. The film proves that embracing what you are passionate about and sometimes swimming against the stream can be challenging, but is what makes a true leader. Through his teaching methods, Mr. Keating is able to teach the group of boys to seize the day, think for themselves, and find their own voice, even when their dreams may seem silly to others around them. Mr. Keating’s ability to motivate and inspire the boys, as well as bring out the leader in them, shows the power a true leader can have even in the grimmest of times and when he is stripped of his title.
Walk to the beat of your own drummer
In this scene, Mr. Keating uses the walking exercise to demonstrate that it is sometimes difficult to be true to yourself in the face of others
This lesson is important for leadership because in order to be an effective leader, you must be able to resist conformity and maintain your own beliefs, even when others don't agree
This one scene has the most important lessons about leadership
Todd, who initially was timid and quiet, stands on his desk to salute Mr. Keating and many of his classmates follow suit. Mr. Keating was able to bring out the inner leader in his least likely student. Leadership is not something that is innate, but rather learned.
Further, this scene shows that a leader is not always the person with the title (Mr. Nolan), but is given authority by those he or she inspires, as is clearly the case with Mr. Keating.
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