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cells vocab!

No description

Benjamin Price

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of cells vocab!

def= organism made up of more than one cell
ex= plants animals humans
non= Bactria
sentence= I guess that means if w have millions of cells then we are higher level organisms so we are multicellular.
cells vocab!
def= a small cell that has a job to keep the body running
ex= organisms in human bodies
non= a cell
sentence= my mom is a scientist and she tells me that my body would not be running without my organelle cells.
def= a living thing that cannot make its own food
ex= humans
non= plants
sentence= My dad and I go to thestore ever week to get food I mean we cant make it so i guess we are heterotrophic!
def=information about you and your traits from mother and father to child
ex= what eye color you have how tall or short hair color
non= good athlete how smart you are
sentence= My DNA is what makes me special as my mom says I just wish it could make me a little smarter.
def= basic unit of life
ex= any living thing
non= any nonliving thing
sentence= I learned in science that we have millions of cells in our bodies and the reason we age is because our cells age so if I can find a way that our cells wont age I will be rich!
cell membrane
def= a thin barrier around a cell
ex= a barrier protecting a base
non= someone getting hurt but not trying to fight it
sentence= I was getting beat up but a kid helped me up he was kinda like my cell membrane.
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