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Have you ever wondered what the water cycle is? Well sit bac

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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Have you ever wondered what the water cycle is? Well sit bac

Have you ever wondered what the water cycle is? Well sit back and enjoy our prezi presentation about the water cycle. I assure you that you will leave here with lots of knowledge about the wonderful water cycle.
The Hydrologic Cycle
The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle also know as the Hydrologic Cycle is a continuous circular motion that recycles water over and over through many stages which water evaporates, condensates, and precipitates to keep living organisms alive.
Precipitation is the transport of water through the atmosphere. It is basically when clouds cannot hold anymore water droplets and it sometimes rains, snows, sleets, or hails.
Transpiration is evaporation of the water from plants. Plants absorb water from their roots and the water gives them nutrients. Then the sun evaporates the water and turns it into water vapor and rises into the atmosphere.
Run off
Run off is when precipitation happens and the land water moves to the ocean and can form the shape of rivers, lakes, or steams.
Ground water is the water found beneath Earth's surface and is found in one of two soil layers. The one nearest to the surface is the "zone of aeration" where gaps between soil are filled with both air and water. Below this layer is the " zone of saturation", where the gaps are filled with only water.
What would happen without one part of the Water Cycle?
If there wasn't one part of the water cycle, the whole water cycle would not be able to function. For example, if there wasn't any ground water there wouldn't be anything to support our plants. Therefore, our plant will die causing no oxygen for human life to live.
Can the water cycle begin at any stage?
YES!! It can begin at any stage. It doesn't matter what stage it starts with because it's still going to go in its original process and cycle. For example, if the water cycle starts with precipitation it will go into runoff, spread to the ocean, evaporate and so on in its normal process.
Fun Facts
~Did you know that 75% of the Earth is covered in water, but only 1% of the Earth's water is available for drinking
~ The amount of water on Earth never changes, its been around since the dinosaurs were roaming the Earth
~In 20 minutes, one thunderstorm can send down over 125,000,000 gallons of water!

!!!The water cycle song!!!! xD
Our cite pages


Condensation occurs when warm air rises,cools, and looses its capacity to be able to hold water vapor
Evaporation is when the sun's heat energy warms the water on Earth and turns into water vapor and rises into the atmosphere
!!!!Hope you enjoyed our prezi about the water cycle !!!! ^.^
By Ayanna Nesbeth, Jessica Perez, Dulce Rivera, Gereardo Barrera
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