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Charlotte and Olivia

No description

lib hist

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Charlotte and Olivia

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Charlotte and Olivia
Medal of Honor
-The Medal of Honor is the highest medal you can receive
-You have to be nominated
-No one but the recipient can touch it

Charles Kettles
Hershel "Woody" Williams
-He volunteered for all his services
-He reinforced pillboxes and buried mines
-He fought for 4 hours against the enemies fires
Sammy Davis
-He knew he wanted to be in the army at a young age
-He continued doing his job as a soldier after being shot
-He requested to be sent to Vietnam to fight
Mary Walker
-First female to win the Medal of Honor
-Became surgeon despite her training
-She was captured and imprisoned

-He was drafted into the army at age 21
-He was born in 1930
-He refused to depart the helicopter until everyone was on
honor & valor
Mary Walker and Hershel "Woody" Williams showed honor and valor by fighting no matter what challenges occurred.
Courage & Patriotism
Sammy Davis and Charles Kettles showed courage patriotism by staying brave even though Davis was shot and Kettles showed patriotism by knowing he would go into the army at a young age and stuck to his word
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