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158 Presentation

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Jasmeen Nijjar

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of 158 Presentation

Objectives of Program
Provide early academic programs for children (early education and enrichment programs)
Enhance learning and health
Enhance positive social/emotional, and cognitive development
Prepare children for kindergarten (early education and enrichment programs)
Provide wellness programs
Educational workshops for parents/caregivers
ASQs (developmental and social emotional screenings)
Caregiver/Parent Education Workshops
Leadership and advocacy workshops
Referrals to outside agencies/resourcess
Father engagment workshops
Emotional Domain
Observations of Services
Children practice their motor skills with parents by having parents help children with homework.
Children learn routines, make friendships, sharing skills, and parents receive the academic aid for their children.
Parents sit with their children, engage with them and participate with them in lessons.
Attachment bonds with parents are strong; struggle with separation
Children missing health insurance and dental insurance.
Distribution of food for families who are in need.
Assistance filling ASQs out and providing outside services for children
Population Served
Children aged 0-5 and their families of all income levels and legal status.
Mission Statement of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County:
"Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County serves and advocates for families and individuals in need, especially those living in poverty. Rooted in gospel values, we work to create a more just and compassionate community in which people of all cultures and beliefs can participate."
Catholic Charities works to help individuals and families living in poverty. They wish to bring a community of different cultures and beliefs together.

Purpose of First 5 Program:
"Catholic Charities’ FIRST 5: Learning Together Initiative Program serves children ages 0-5 and their families of all income levels and legal status. Our prevention and education services promote the importance of the caregiver/child relationship, education, wellness and community leadership and advocacy."
First 5 works to support the development of children 0-5, they work to meet the needs of children in this age group and enrich the lives of all families and communities.
Catholic Charities exercise leadership in assisting agencies and members in their missions of service, advocacy and convening.

Observations of Services
Family workshops are provided for families to learn how to engage with their children in fun activities.
Infant Music and Movement provided is for parents to teach their children how to share with toys and playspace.
Also, parents learn how to be more engaged with music activities and toys and how to participate in the class
Harvest Family Food Bank supplies food for families to fill in their kitchen every week at the Family Resource Center
Stay and Play Hours are provided for parents and their children to have one-on-one time in different activites and to be more involved with their children's play lives.
Provides cards in Spanish and English for play areas with instructions of activity that is provided.
Physical Domain
At the Family Resource Center, children 0-5 who are of low income are primarily served
Near Jason Dhals Elementary School and Edenville Community Center, not many food markets are available
The Plant (includes Target, Home Depot, restaurants, a cosmetic store, Babys "R" Us, and other stores) is located about 7 minutes driving distance from Jason Dhals Elementary and about 12 minutes from Edenville Community Center
A grocery market is about a 6 mintue drive
Difference in communities from Jason Dhals Elementary School and Edenville Community Center
Food Bank: Every third Saturday of the month
It is important to inform staff members of any family changes, for example, divorce, loss of job, falling below poverty line
These families are put in the interest list and are given priority for programs offered by First 5 California
Program offers Zumba classes for adults and children, programs that allow for physical activity such as Music and Movement and Movetrition.
Offers classes for healthy eating and cooking
Annabelle Catolico
Jasmeen Nijjar
Karina Rubio
During Stay & Play Hours, parents are asked to put away their cell phones and engage with their children
Parents must stay with child
Parents must play with their child
Parents must guide their child in educational activities (cue cards are available in both Spanish and English)
Children practice their fine/gross motor skills, listen during story time, sing along during songs, make music
Food Basket provides some basic food staples for parents who wish to pick up some fresh groceries
Parenting workshops are available for parents in the evenings while the children attend a class with a community worker and do educational activities
First 5’s Kits for New Parents are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese for pregnant mothers or mothers with newborns (also available for father or other family member to pick up for parents as resources are for both parents)
Conduct ASQs (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) and refer to outside resources if necessary
Cognitive Domain
Volunteered to help out with the Catholic Charities activities for Non-Walkers Infant Music and Movement and the Walkers Infant Music and Movement.
These two classes are separated for families by the non-walkers infant music is for parents with babies who are unable to walk yet and the walkers infant music is for parents with infants who are able to walk and move around in the activity.
The purpose of these classes is to have parents and their child to interact and learn how to walk and control their child in the class.
This is class is beneficial for all families because it helps those who have babies who are non walkers understand how to walk and enjoy things around them.
The instructor of the class has a CD playlist from the beginning to the end on learn children's music and how to bounce around, slowly learn to walk, and dance.
Activities such as playing in blocks and a ball pit for families get to watch their child enjoy to play
When class is about to start the “clean up” song cues and this is the way for parents to teach their child to put things back together and place them in boxes and a bag to put away all the toys.
This teaches children to know what to do when the song cues and follow everyone else and the instructor by listening to what they will have to do.
Parent workshops
Parents learn how to become more involved by participating in activites with their children, such as making their own alien head bands, learning how to cook salads together, teaching each other how to do hand movements from music games, and teaching each other manners
These areas show that parents and children are learning together and for parents to become more involved in their child's lives in the near future.
Catholic Charities
Family Resource Centers

Observations of Services
Early Education and Enrichment Programs
Developmental and Social Emotional Screenings (ASQ/ASQ:SE)
Caregiver/Parent Education Workshops
Community Leadership & Advocacy Workshops
Wellness Programs
Information & Referral Services
The children at the Family Resource Center display a range of emotions from kindness to aggression every day they are there
Stay and Play hours allows parents to model positive and prosocial behaviors for their children when they are behaving aggressively towards other children
Children who are soft-spoken and shy are often bullied by children who tend to be a bit more aggressive in their methods of taking toys
Squabbles over the two tiny NASCAR cars with many of them often resulting in tears from a child, if not both of them, as they try to take the toy from each other.
However, there are also just as many cases of prosocial behaviors among the children
Prosocial behaviors are encouraged and the fostering of such behaviors is highly supported
Behaviors such as aggression are discouraged not through negative phrases such as saying “don’t hit him” but rather telling the child what is okay such us saying “gentle hands.”
This discourages the idea of aggression or any other negative behaviors in general
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