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South Carolina By: Blaine and Aidan

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of South Carolina By: Blaine and Aidan

South Carolina By: Blaine and Aidan
Economy & Economic Location
South Carolina sells cotton, tobacco, soybeans, and many peaches.
here is a peach farm in sou.th carolina
called mcleod farms. in mcbee south carolina.
Geography & Geographic Location
south carolina has hills, beaches, mountains, swamps, platuea, and rivers.Also one of the swamps is
called sparkleberry swamp.
in columbia south carolina.
Historic Location
1521 Francisco Gordillo explored South Carolina. 1729 north and South Carolina were seperated.
1788 South Carolina becomes the 8th
state.About 60,000 troops went to
war and about 1/4 never returned.
here is andrew jacksons house
(the 7th president)
in lancecar south carolina.
Political Location
1 democrat,6 republicans.
Govener Nikki Haley and 2 US
senorters and 46 conties.
Here is the state capital bulding
in south carolina.in gervais south carilina.
politocal map
Road map
Population map
Elivation map
Fun facts
1.pro football team carolina panthers
2.pro hockey team carolina hurricans
3.south carolinas state flag
4.south carolinas state reptile
5.south carolinas state dog
6.south carolinas state game bird
7.state animal
8.state beverage
9.state butterfly
10.population 4,723,732
choice location
hilton head location
is hilton head iland.
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