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How to Pick a Topic

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Mackenzie Schmitt

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Pick a Topic

Passion Pick something you are passionate about.
You will be studying the topic for several months. You do not what to be bored; that will create a bad project. Things May Change National History Day
2012-2013 How To Pick a Topic Pick an Era Time Period:
Don't choose an era for which there are no primary sources (Ancient Egypt).
Don't select something too recent, go back at least 30 years. Go With Your Gut This does not mean your first idea is the right one. Think it over, be positive with your decision. Things to think about:
Future career options
What do you get excited about? Things to think about:
If you had to go back in time, what time period would it be?
If you had to pick a historical movie, what would it be about?
What era fascinates you? Change is OK; research changes your view on things. Unknown Things It's good to research something that is unfamiliar to most people.

Lesser known topics can be more interesting.

Unknown topics can teach others something new.

Make sure the topic is significant in history. Theme One of the most important aspects of National History Day is choosing a topic that fits the theme.

You should be able to clearly express how your topic aligns with the theme. Example I am passionate about fashion
If I could go back in time it would be to the 1940s
Theme: Turning Points in History
A turning point in fashion was WWII
Topic: How WWII changed fashion
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