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No description

Kevin Kanzelmeyer

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of UAV Group PDR

Preliminary Design Review - October 31 2012 Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
Autonomous Navigation System 1. Project Goal Create an inexpensive, interchangeable autopilot hardware box that can be used in any RC aerial vehicle with minimal adjustment. Design Approach 1. Research exisiting low cost autopilot systems Complete System
Block Diagram ArduPilot KayLeigh Dent - Project Manager
Randy Montgomery - Communications Director
Antwon Gallagher - Hardware Integration
Oscar Kimondo - Hardware Integration
Kevin Kanzelmeyer - Pilot/Hardware Integration 2. Why? Other autopilot hardware solutions exist, but our goal is to create an inexpensive, comparable system. 3. Market & Application Aerial reconnaissance, imaging, and data collecting. 4. Cost Project Budget: $800 - $1,000 Affordability - Comparable Autopilot
Systems Piccolo - $8,000+ MicroPilot - $4,000+ Agriculture/Forestry
Law Enforcement
Disaster Relief
Surveillance Design Objectives Lightweight - being used in mini RC planes
Low Power - batteries are bulky and heavy
Onboard Measurements - roll/pitch/yaw, altitude
Onboard Camera - record video/take pictures
Radio Communication - telemetry data transmission to a base station
Inexpensive - less than $1,000 2. Purchase and evaluate autopilot hardware 3. Find open source software! (demo) 4. Add higher level processor, hack & modify as needed Testing stock flight capabilities
Interface with BeagleBone
Digi XTEND Ardupilot/BeagleBone Integration -Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART)
BeagleBone/Digi XTEND Integration
Camera/BeagleBone Integration
Weather Obstacles & Challenges Current Status Project Schedule Cost Analysis Ardupilot & GPS - $200
Airspeed Sensor - $30
BeagleBone - $89
WebCam - $40

Total Cost: $359 To Date: Build UART bus between BeagleBone & Ardupilot Flight Test (pending weather & flying conditions) Radio/BeagleBone integration Camera/BeagleBone integration Nov. 7 2012 Nov. 14 2012 Nov. 16 2012 Nov. 30 2012 BeagleBone
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