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Director of Photography: (Whiplash) Sharone Meir

No description

Justin Damiano

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Director of Photography: (Whiplash) Sharone Meir

Director of Photography: (Whiplash) Sharone Meir
: Sharone Meir
Sharone Meir, Born February 1, 1965... is known for his work on Whiplash (2014), Coach Carter (2005) and The Last House on the Left (2009). He usually works on lower budget/ Indy films. He also has worked on some T.V. shows.
2014 Whiplash ($3 million)
2012 The Details
2012 Crazy Eyes
2009 The Last House on the Left
2008 Dark Streets
2008 The Haunting of Molly Hartley
Camille (2007)
2007 Peaceful Warrior
2005 Coach Carter
2004 Mean Creek
Total Love

Shot Breakdown
Est. shot
Shallow DOF on close ups/Pick Ups
Steady Cam to follow drums.
Shot of his dad was a slow zoom in.
On slow drum roll camera was off balance on tripod.
There was a stationary over head cam cut with OTS with shallow DOF.
on J.K. near the end was a dolly in/ Tilt.
At 1:10 the was a rack focus from the symbol to the main subject.

What Was Used
Meir planned to shoot with the ARRI Alexa, recording ProRes 2K, and wanted to avoid any color processing on the set.

Named to Variety's "10 Cinematographers to Watch" 2015
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