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Music History Crash Course

No description

William Brickhouse

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Music History Crash Course

Midevil Era 400-1450
The midevil period was the start of the feudal system and the classes were divided and treated according to class rank. Most people worked in slave like conditions and worked for every bit of food .
Hildegard von Bingen
John Dunstable
Guiilame Dufay
Notable people
Nicholas of Verdun- Visual artist
Geoffrey Chaucer- Poet

Music History Crash Course

William Brickhouse
Renaissance Era
Historical events
Columbus discovers the America's
The scientific revolution
Da vinci paints the last supper
Pierre de la rue
William Byrd
Orlando de lassus
Baroque Era
The word baroque came from Portugal . Over the span of the 17th and 18th century. This was the era where they created tonality and they started composing music in specific keys. This era also created new playing techniques. Opera started to form in the baroque period.
Historical events
The Black Death
The signing of the Magna Carta
The Great Famine
This era was known as the rebirth era because of the revival of interest in the humanistic values of classical Greece & Rome. There was more focus on individual achievements also there was less emphasis on spiritual world and more on the real world.
Notable people
Michelangelo- Artist
William Shakespeare- Poet/Writer
Instruments Used
Johann Sebastian Bach

Domenico Scarlatti
Antonio Vivaldi
Galileo identifies gravity
The typewriter was patented
First light house in the US was built in Boston Harbor
First opera house in Vienna, Minuet comes into fashion in French court
Historical Events
Notable People
Caravaggio- Painter
Miguel de cervantes - writer
Classical Era
This style of music had a lot lighter and more clearer for the listener. The harpsichord was replaced with the piano. The music of this era had a major correlation with the aristocratic court culture.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
Historical Events
Bach dies
7 years war began
Benjamin Franklin invents bifocals
Lincoln becomes president
The metronome was invented
Notable People
Classical Instruments
Instruments during the classical era were slowly involving into instruments we still use today including strings, woodwinds, brass, and keyboards
Romantic Era
This was a time period where everyone emphasized intense emotion as in aesthetic experiences,
"Modern" Era
The twentieth century started around 1920. This was when music started branching off to many different genres and ideas.
Jaques Louis-David- Painter
Mary Shelley- Writer
George Gershwin
Aaron Copeland
1900- present
Historical Events
First man on the moon
Wright brothers take flight
The Great Depression
Notable People
Pablo Picasso- Painter
T.S. Elliot- Poet
Nuclear power
Johann Strauss II
Historical Events
American Civil War
Lincoln is assassinated
Slavery is abolished
Panama Canal was built
Notable People
Caspar David Friedrich- Painter
William Blake- Poet
Light Bulb
The camera
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