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BTEC Unit 2- Practical Sport

Rules and Regulation in Sport - Football and Basketball

Kerry Hammond

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of BTEC Unit 2- Practical Sport

Rules &
Sport Learning Objectives Football Rules
& Regulations What do I already know? - to know what rules and regulations are and be able to apply this knowledge throughout the lesson.
- to research and know the rules and regulations of football and basketball.
- to identify when rules have been broken and what rule has been broken.
- to identify the different roles of officials in both football and basketball.
- to identify some specific responsibilities of officials in both sports. 1. A player is beyond the opposition defender when the ball is played
2. Teams must start with 11 players on the pitch
3. The ball cannot be handled unless by the goalkeeper within their area
4. Holding a player back or tugging shirts is not allowed
5. The ball must be size 5
6. The length of a game is 90 minutes Rule: a LAW OF THE GAME which serves to ensure fair play and consistent judgements of the winner. Regulation A set guide which must be adhered to prior to the start of an activity. Basketball
Rules Basketball
Regulations Round 1- Question Time TASK In your teams you need:
- 1 laptop
- A spider diagram each ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? Scouting 1 Team Manager Everyone else- Scouts The aim is to get as much information written down as possible from the Team Managers. What have I
learnt so far? What happens next? What rule has been broken?

What action should be taken?

Was the referees' decision
right or wrong? Officials in Football Referee
2 linesmen
Assistant referee/ 4th official Officials in Basketball 1 Referee
2 Umpires
2 Scorers
2 Timers
1 Shot Clock Offside Referee Umpire Handball Key/Free Throw Lane Travelling Time-Outs Substitutions (BBALL) Palming/Carrying the ball Blocking Rule Regulation http://www.fiba.com http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/basics/basics.html
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