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Forgiveness - Matthew 18:15-35

Dair Hileman, Senior Pastor

Matthew Schoonover

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Forgiveness - Matthew 18:15-35

? FORGIVENESS Matthew 18:15-35 How many must I forgive? TIMES The reason for the QUESTION was Jesus’ teaching An offense should be addressed personally (15) with a witness (16) publicly through church
discipline to bring
repentance. said to keep on forgiving BUT HOW? others as we
have been forgiven. (Matthew 6:12) Matthew 18:21 We have been

we could never repay. Matthew 18:22 Matthew 18:23-35 WE FORGIVE FORGIVEN A DEBT The one who has received mercy should SHOW MERCY. means canceling a debt, no longer requiring payback. is offered without requirements or expectations. does not cancel
justice, it transfers it to God. does not exclude self-protection. Unforgiveness may reveal a spiritual problem or the lack of salvation.
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