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Nian Gao

Project for my Mandarin Chinese class (:

Rachel K

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Nian Gao

By: Victoria Hodge, Kevin Schantz, Austin Ellington, Nian Gao Beliefs Leftovers Characters The First character is Nian (second tone). Nian means year. It also has a different symbol that means sticky. The second character is Gao (first tone). It means cake. There are a few different myths of how Nian Gao came to be... 1. A dessert was made as an offering to the Kitchen God. The people made it sticky so he could not open his mouth to talk bad about the human families to the God of all Gods (Yu Huang Da Di). 2. Gao (a person) made some sticky cake for Nian the monsters return. All the villagers fled, but Nian found the cake and ate it and was full. They named the dessert "Nian Gao" out of honor for Gao. Spring Festival Nian Gao is often a Gift during the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). It usually is round with the prosperity symbol on top. But sometimes Nian Gao is in different shapes. Also with different designs and symbols. Different areas and cultures make different desserts out of Nian Gao. So if you have leftover, don't throw it away. There's PLENTY of different things you can make . ThAnKs FoR wAtChInG!!! :) Breanna Kerkhoff, & Rachel Keen
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